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Are Your KangerTech Products Authentic?

When I was doing some research of our gear database this morning, I found myself on a website that I believe is a KangerTech knock off site. I won’t link this site just in case I am wrong, but it appeared that this site was trying to make potential wholesale buyers believe that they are the “KangerTech”. That site is not listed here either. From what I have gathered, the real KangerTech website is here. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong!

While going through this research, I noticed a new feature that KangerTech is rolling out.

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[quote author=””]Starting on 1st May, 2014, we add a round label outside the package to stop counterfeit goods. The major aim of this additional label is to help customers to verify the product is genuine immediately while they purchase the goods. However, customers are reminded that they still need to keep the Authenticity code for warrenty. Since our distributors may still keep some old stocks, customers no need panic as we practice running change.

For those old packages, we suggest all customers to check the scratch label and key in the Authenticity code by clicking our web site or directly click to prevent counterfeit goods.

A round label blue label (Kangertech Logo) with around 8mm in diameter. Once it get wet, the blue logo will disappear and after dry up, it will appear again.[/quote]

kangersecurity2 kangersecurity

On the left is the old method. I have checked a few of my products, but I trust the companies I buy from so I don’t check them all.  The new security method is on the right. I think this has more of a chance to be replicated by companies producing fakes than the old method personally

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Here’s one of my Protank 3s being verified on the It’s a simple process and doesn’t look real professional to me, but it works.

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Look, I am going to be straight up here. I am not sure who started doing this, KangerTech or Aspire, but either way… it’s awesome! I don’t recall seeing any other Aspire products with a scratch off code prior to the Nautilus tank though. My Innokin MVP 2.0 has a code as well. So who was 1st? I don’t care, I just like the security that I am not paying for clones. I don’t mind buying a clone if I KNOW I am buying a clone.

Fakes can cause drama in the vaping community too. Not too long ago, I heard a story about a vape shop telling a customer that the tank they bought at another vape shop was a fake. It wasn’t so you can only assume that the shop that told that customer that it was fake was trying to discredit the other shop. With the authentication process, that customer could check to make sure.

Kudos to all the companies making quality products that are worthwhile to clone. Kudos to them for attempting to help consumers know they are getting the real deal too!


  1. Hi all recently purchased a sub ohm set up half the order didn’t arrive but what did ie the kanger sub tank seemed sub quality no pun intended so I entered the product ID at qr.szkanger and sure enough they reported a fake paid by paypal so they are sorting it as it was distance selling from a company that was supposed to be in the uk and when goods came they were from China it was out of my control the brick and mortar retailers may be a touch more expensive but that’s where I will be buying in future as you can check the security codes etc on the spot good article shame about the copies but that’s china for you