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Kanger Subtank – Hybrid Tank. Best of both Worlds?

Well look what I found over on PBusardo’s blog, the Kanger Subtank.

While checking in on some news on the Aspire Atlantis, I found this image on Phil’s site.

aerotank turbo_2

It looks like this could be the best of both worlds, a great tank for those that use replaceable coils and a good tank for those that like to rebuild.

I personally became a fan of the Nautilus and their BVC coils over the Aerotank line, but I like the looks of the Aerotanks more. Basing my opinion purely on the image on the above flyer, I love the looks of the Subtank and can’t wait to try it out. If it can replace my Lemos, I will be quite happy.

It looks like you can mix and match heads. The RBA aspect appears to screw into the same place the prebuilt sub-ohm coils will go. This means you should be able to use either/or at your leisure.

I am not entirely sure we need a prebuilt 0.5ohm coil though. I am very happy running 1 ohm builds in my 2 Lemo tanks and all my Kayfuns.