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Juul Vaporizer Starter Kit Review

Are you transitioning from smoking tobacco sticks to e-cigarettes? Are you are looking for a device that closely mimics the draw and throat hit of analog cigarettes? The Juul Vaporizer is a unique, easy-to-use vape kit with a futuristic rectangular design.

If you know absolutely nothing about how electronic cigarettes work and you want to get into vaping, the Juul Vaporizer is just the kind of starter kit you need. There are no buttons on this device. Instead, it is draw activated. It is small and lightweight, so you do not have to worry about carrying something bulky. Also, it comes with different e-liquid flavors, so you are not stuck with one option. This is one of the best small e-cigs on the market.

The Juul Vaporizer looks very much like a long USB memory stick. It is only available in black color. The starter kit has a includes four Juulpods with different e-liquids; Virginia Tobacco, Creme Brulee, Fruit Medley, and Cool Mint. The cover of each pod has a different color to differentiate them. The pod can hold 1.7ml of e-liquid and contain 5mg of nicotine. The throat hit from vaping these e-liquids is just like what you get when you take a hit off a tobacco cigarette. The vaporizer is also designed for restrictive mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping like analog sticks. You can buy more additional pods from the Juul Vapor online store. Besides the four flavors mentioned above, the company also has a mango flavor e-juice.

According to Juul, the Juul Vaporizer features an e-liquid-to-wick system that allows the device to produce thick vapor. This is not a vape kit for cloud chasers. It is for those who prefer a device that vapes like a normal cigarette.

It is very easy to operate the Juul Vaporizer. You simply need to fix the pod to the battery and start vaping. There is no firing button on the device. Instead, it is draw activated. The pod also serves as the mouthpiece. There is a LED light on the body of the device that flashes to show the strength of each hit and the battery power.

When you tap on the body of the Juul Vaporizer twice, the LED light will flash to show your battery power. The light will be green, orange, or red depending on the battery level. The LED light also comes on when you are charging the vaporizer. The Juul has a magnetic charging system and a lithium-ion polymer battery. You need to stand the device on the magnetic USB charger and plug it into your laptop or computer. It takes about one hour for the device to be fully charged when the battery is empty. The battery of this vape kit is not very powerful, but it would suffice for most vapers. You can get about 200 hits from the battery when it is fully charged. It was certainly not made for chain vaping. If you are a heavy smoker, it is advisable to get more than one Juul vaporizer or use this as your backup device.

The Juul is a closed-system vaporizer. This means you cannot change the coils or refill the e-liquid. The device uses silica wick and a nichrome coil.

The Juul Vaporizer Starter Kt was produced by PAX Labs, Inc. This San Francisco-based manufacturer is the same company behind the PAX line of vaporizers.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that using the Juul is as close to a tobacco cigarette as you will get using an electronic cig. The Juul Vaporizer Starter Kit costs $49.99. You can get the device from the Juul store and other online vape shops.