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Joyetech eGrip Review

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Small, Durable, and Sexy

Those are a couple of words that can describe the Joyetech eGrip. Add those and the fact that it works quite well and you have the recipe for success. I really was unsure about the eGrip when I first heard about it. The doubt was erased once I put one in my hands. The quality of the device, the heft that makes it feel super high quality, and the actual performance sealed the deal for me. This is one of the best starter devices on the market currently.


In The Box

I received my Joyetech eGrip late last week from Element Vape. The box is made from heavy cardboard and looks very similar to the packaging that the eLeaf Lemo comes in.

Here’s what came in the box.

  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Body (4 colors of choices)
  • 2x CS Atomizer Head (1.5 ohm)
  • 1x Wall Adapter
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual & Warranty Card

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coil tool

One of the 1.5ohm  atomizers (left) comes preinstalled and second atomizer is packaged in the box. The kit also comes with a unique tool that is not completely necessary, but serves a purpose. It is has 2 uses, it’s a flat head screwdriver to adjust the airflow and the other purpose is to unscrew the atomizer chamber.

The kit comes with everything you need to get started, minus your favorite e-liquid.


What sets the eGrip apart from other devices is the built-in tank, the all in one design. The body’s material is made from what seems to be heavy, high quality metals.

front2 builtintank

The front of the device shows the glass tank where you can monitor the level of your juice. Towards the bottom, there is a small screw that is used to adjust airflow.


The left side of the eGrip has the fire button/wattage adjustment and the led indicator. The firing button is positioned in the center of the wattage adjustment ring. The wattage adjustment rotates and clicks into position. The ring only reads 20 watts and there are lines that vary in thickness for the other settings. Earlier eGrip units I have seen photos and video of had other wattage numbers, but the production units appear to have left this part off. The LED helps determine battery life. The manual explains how to read this.

leftside fillhole

The right hand side of the eGrip has the door for filling the tank. You will need a needle tip bottom to fill the eGrip this way. There is a rubber grommet on the door that seals the holes when the door is closed.

bottom tankchamber

Finally, the bottom of the device houses the Micro USB charge port and the coil chamber cap. The coil screws into the housing that screws out of the bottom of the unit. You can actually fill the tank this way if you are careful to avoid the center stem.

Size Comparison

comparison4 comparison3

comparison2 comparison1

In the comparison photos, you have the eGrip, Hana Modz Clone, iPV2, and the Sigelei 100 Watt box. As you can see, the eGrip is much smaller than all of them.

The eGrip turns heads!

My wife never seems to be impressed with any of my devices at all, especially mech mods. When I left the eGrip on the counter last week, she mentioned how cute it was. She has never offered an unsolicited comment on any of my vape gear until this one. She went on to tell me that if she vaped, the eGrip would be just right for her. On top of that endorsement, I got several comments on how cool and small it was at poker tonight. I usually carry the iPV2 or Sigelei 100w to poker night and not many people approach me to ask about them, but a few asked about the eGrip.


So, I doubted the internal tank. I doubted the coils. I doubted the battery life. I was wrong on all counts. The eGrip performed surprisingly well.

The battery life was quite good (see below) and the vape was so much better than I expected. When I received the eGrip, I checked to see if a coil was preinstalled and it was, then I filled the 3.6ml tank up with some juice and gave it a try. WOW. The flavor and vapor production I got from the 1st pull was a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t believe it. A couple of friends gave it a try as well and were blown away at the quality of the vape. I am so used to the Lemo but for a replaceable coil tank, I was impressed. The flavor was on par with the BVC coils that were introduced by Aspire in the Nautilus Mini.

The CS Head

The CS heads that come with the eGrip are 1.5 ohm coils that are rated up to 20 watts. I don’t vape at 20 watts with coils in that range normally, but I had to give it a try and it wasn’t bad at all. No dry hits, no burnt taste. I dialed it down to around 12-13 watts and the sweet spot for my favorite juice was achieved. What’s even crazier is that I tried some max VG juice in the eGrip and it wicked just fine.

My only complaint is that the coils are a new, proprietary coil made for this tank. If this device doesn’t take off, good luck finding coils at a local vape shop. The vape shop in my town that carries this device doesn’t have any replacements yet. A 5 pack of replacement coils are going to set you back $15-20 too.

Battery Life

The internal battery is rated at 1500 mah and I was worried about it not being enough. I was wrong. I used it on/off throughout the entire weekend and couldn’t believe it wasn’t dead yet. Sunday night, I decided to charge it full and give it a heavy days use Monday. I vape a lot, so my real world use will probably be more than most readers. I started the test at 7am and the eGrip finally layed down on me at 5:20pm, on my way home from work. Doing the math, that is approximately 10 hours and 20 minutes. During that time, I vaped a couple of tanks worth of juice, right around 8ml of juice.


The price is just about right, but comparing it to the eLeaf iStick, it seems pricey. Keep in mind that the iStick doesn’t come with a tank and feels much cheaper in quality. For the $69.99 price point, I would have expected a LCD display though.

For an all in one kit, the price is great though. It provides a better vape than many starter kits on the market and its high quality construction sets it apart from other offerings. If these were around when I started vaping, I would have easily dropped $70 on this setup and to be honest, I believe I would have had less problems. My 1st device was great, but finding a tank that tasted good and didn’t leak was a problem. With the eGrip, problem solved.

The Joyetech eGrip is well worth the price.


The eGrip is a new concept for main stream devices. The built-in tank, internal battery, and USB charging make it a snap to use and Joyetech pulled it off well. There are a couple little things I didn’t like about the eGrip, but the pros far outweigh the cons here. The price is fair and the quality is unmatched.

If this was available when I started vaping, it would have easily been my 1st device. Since I have other higher end mods, this one will be a back up for me, but I can see it being wildly popular with newer vapers for sure. I will likely use it when carrying my big old Sigelei 100 watt box isn’t practical, like poker night.

Props to Joyetech for another great device. Combine the eVic success, the eLeaf Lemo, and the other products that released this year, and you’ve got a great year for the company.


  • All in One Design
  • Size
  • Construction Quality
  • Vapor Flavor and Production is Stellar
  • 20 Watt Starter Kit Goodness

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  • Airflow Hole can get blocked easily depending on how you hold the eGrip
  • No Display
  • Proprietary Coils

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Grab one today from Element Vape for $64.99


Joyetech Egrip 20W Box Mod Features:

  • 3.6ml Capacity
  • 1500mah Battery
  • Variable Wattage Mod
  • 1.5Ohm Replacement Coil
  • Transparent Tank Window
  • 360 Ring to adjust Wattage


  1. Good review but thumbs down on the device. Proprietary coils, minimalist voltage adj., and you can’t get inside. If it keeps working, then fine but that’s seldom the case. I just ordered the billet box clone for $20 more. Similar vaping device that I can fix when needed, with a bit more wow factor.

  2. I am hugely disappointed in this product. It worked great the first day with a long seeming battery life. Two weeks later and it has to be charged every 30-45 minutes or it flat out goes dead. The coils last about 1 per week. Not too bad but expensive to buy. It was a great device for a few days. Now it’s in the pile of expensive vape junk that looked cool and couldn’t deliver. I tried to contact the manufacturer directly for irregularities and complaints and no matter what I type in I get a message back that says “illegal characters.” I won’t be using this company’s products.

  3. I am confused what to think about this product. I purchased one, and had to return it because it was flooding. I purchased another and the two coils that came with it malfunctioned. Yesterday I purchased five new coils and within feeling it the first time at the low watt it tasted burnt. The man at the store has sold it seem to be pushing it, may because he wanted to get rid of them. I also wrote joyetech an email and have not heard back from them.
    Somebody please give me feedback on this product and also a good product for gray clouds!!! Thanks

  4. The coil problem (wich i don’t have) is a easy fix just drip some fluid on to the coil and let it soak a little, After that place it in to the base, That usually solves the problem.
    Dont place it on to 20 watts with the normail coils the lifetime would decrease rapidly just turn it to half the wattage you still have a great vape and smoke reduction.
    I also have the RBA Base Changeable Coil Unit, Not used it yet i have to look in to that some other time because there is no need to at this moment but you can look that up on youtube.
    As far as the egrip cs heads you can also use the eleaf GS Air dual coils its also cheaper.
    Well i am very content with the Joyetech eGrip and when you use it the first time, FIRST unscrew the base and replace the egrip cs head with a new one because the one thats in there are in most cases rubbish, That’s all for the downside of this Egrip i got no other negative expierence with the eGrip.
    Ow and the usb port is a delicate thing so don’t push it to hard, if it clicks then its ok to recharge if you push to hard the port will go inside, Put the power plug first off in the socket then attach the usb socket so you will see when its charging or not.
    Well that’s all, Have a great vape greetings from Holland.

  5. Scott: Uhm flooding or leaking eitherway leaking could be a rubber ring problem on the coil unit, Somebody had the same problem and i found out that there was a rubber ring missing on the coil unit you can also replace the rubber ring if you have one, In my box there were 2 rings so if any problems would occure (leaking) you could replace this.
    Flooding the eGrip hmmm i usually fill the tank very slowly as it should be done Don’t squeeze to hard and don’t over do it you can check the little window on the eGrip so you can see the amount you put in.
    Place the eGrip on its side with the fill cap open and the hole facing up.

    I hope this helps, Have a nice day.


  6. I’m having mixed thoughts on it I love the small size and the high quality build I don’t like the stupid little dial that doesn’t tell me how much I’m pushing and I definitely don’t like the little CS headsand I burn through them really fast they say they’re rated for 20 Watts I don’t think so on the side of the coil it says its rated for 5 bolts with machine displays and wats who builtthis thing Mickey Mouse I’m going to try switching to the rebuildable coil and seeif that fixes the problem hopefully it willif anybody has any insight towards my burning coil problem please comment