Product Announcements

iTaste Vapor Forge RDA – Innokin’s 1st RDA

Looks like Innokin is stepping into the dripping game now.


Innokin is proud to announce that the Innokin iTaste Vapor Forge Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is now available!

Designed with feedback from some of the top American and European builders the Innokin iTaste VF RDA has been upgraded and improved to create an RDA which will revolutionize the way you and your customers build and drip.

The Innokin iTaste Vapor Forge is Innokin’s first rebuildable dripper and we have created an RDA that is as innovative as it is aggressively stylish; we have created the world’s first rebuildable dripper.

The Innokin iTaste VF RDA has an adjustable tri-intake air system for maximum airflow and a totally innovative post-base system which allows for complete customization and convenience. The post-bases are interchangeable which means multiple builds can be built ahead of time and then easily swapped into the RDA while on the go. The Innokin iTaste VF RDA is packaged with a three post base and additional bases can be purchased and sold separately. The posts are designed to be used without the need for tools and we have also included extra post caps in with the VF RDA so that your customers can always be building & dripping.

Why is this a rebuildable rebuildable RDA? Because it’s a rebuildable RDA that can literally be rebuilt. You can change out decks to multiple configurations. You can quickly switch between 2, 3 or 4 posts on the deck with replacement decks that can be purchased separately. The Vapor Forge RDA will come with a 3 post deck.

It will have a replaceable drip tip and has adjustable air flow as well.

This could have potential for sure. We shall see.