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Intuit Calls E-Liquid a Tobacco Product; Tells E-Liquid Vendor Goodbye!

It looks like Intuit, the company behind Turbo Tax and Quick Books, decided to join eBay, Paypal, and others in a fight against the E-Cig industry. 

Intuit contacted Cyclops Vapor, a Premium E-Juice Vendor in Mobile, Alabama, earlier today with some bad news. They let Cyclops Vapor know that they are violating Intuit Quickbooks Terms of Services. Intuit classifies E-Liquid as a tobacco product and told them that they were no longer allowed to use their software to process wholesale orders.

This afternoon we were contacted by Intuit (Quickbooks) stating that they have classified products such as our eliquid as “Tobacco products”. Because of this, they have placed us in violation of their Terms of Service and notified us that we will no longer be permitted to use their services for processing wholesale transactions.

We’ve been given a two-week notice to find another payment gateway provider; because Intuit has taken an anti-vaping stance by lumping eliquid in with Tobacco products.

We do not utilize their merchant services for consumer transactions, so this will not impact consumer orders through our website. We are already taking steps to ensure that processing wholesale orders (and payments for those orders ) is not interrupted.

As a company we’ve seen a lot of positive growth for the industry, and it saddens us when influential brands like Intuit/Quickbooks take a negative stance against an industry that has helped so many people make positive life changes.

– Mercury

There’s just one issue I have with this, I don’t see anything on the Quick Books Terms of Service about tobacco, ecigs, or e-liquid.

It doesn’t seem like the guys at Cyclops are too worried about having to move to another solution. They already have a plan in place. In the comments on the Facebook post, several business owners are planning to find other solutions to replace Intuit Quick Books. Kudos!

Should we steer away from companies that are messing with the vaping business owners? Who could stop using eBay and Paypal? I doubt many. I am sure plenty of people who need tax software could avoid using Turbo Tax and could use an alternative like Tax Act instead.

Source: Cyclops Vapor on Facebook


  1. I think people should fight against things like this. If not, it’s just going to keep getting worse. If it’s not in the TOS, then how can they just make it up as they go? I don’t think companies/organizations realize just how big the vaping community is, and how it could possibly impact them negatively by doing these sorts of things. This is where being a *united* vaping community could help our cause. Informed decisions tend to work out better for anyone involved.. this was just stupid!