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InteVape – Smartphone Vaping

My idea might make it to market. Too bad I’m not involved.

Seriously though, a company called InteVape is working on a smartphone app and battery combo. They are looking for partners to bring it to market. When I started vaping, I saw that there was an iPhone case with a decent battery and a 510 connection and thought to myself, “they missing an opportunity. They should develop and app that allows control of the voltage, etc.” I have witnesses, I promise.

Well, InteVape has this idea and like I said, they ware looking for partners to bring it to market.

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Here’s some information about their concept.

  • Based on a back-up battery case platform, InteVapeexpands the ALL-IN-ONE experience of the SmartPhone.
  • InteVape provides more than enough power for any vaping need and acts as both pass-thru as well as battery e-cig like adapters to accommodate any cartomizer available; these can be stowed away in the on-board power barrel.
  • Charging for the phone, case and e-cig adapter batteries are all integrated thru the micro USB port and battery-to-battery charging circuitry.
  • A full-sized USB port is included to power or charge any external vaping device; charging and pass-through switches are accessible on the back.
  • Best of all, InteVape connects to the SmartPhone via the cases USB pass-thru or Bluetooth to allow for APP control of the whole experience

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As a former smartphone website owner and blogger, this peaked my interest. I think that it would be a great idea, but I would rather see the case/battery with the 510 connection from VapeCase with the software from InteVape. I don’t like what I see in the video with the cord attaching to the tank. I would much rather see it on the top of the battery like the VapeCase has it configured.

Smartphone Vaping for the win right?