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Innokin SVD 2.0 Announced


Last night, I found a photo of a new mech mod from Innokin on Twitter and I wake up this morning to an actual announcement from Innokin.

Here’s the announcement from the Innokin Facebook Page.

Today we are extremely proud to announce the ground breaking alliance of Innokin and Evolv, the technology leaders of advanced personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes.

The worldwide vaping community has demanded that we produce a next generation device powered by Evolv technology and we are very happy to be able to fulfil this wish and exceed your expectations.

Vapers demand more power, more intelligence, more control and more durability. We need more in our vaporizers and we need them to be intuitive to operate, enjoyable to hold and incredible to look at.

To create the ultimate vaping device the teams at Innokin and Evolv have worked together closely over the past 8 months and have created a revolution in vaping that is also destined to be a milestone in vaping history. We have created the iTaste SVD2.0.

The iTaste SVD2.0 is a device that is powerful and beautiful, ultra-intelligent and also priced perfectly.

The SVD2.0 is the first and only Advanced Personal Vaporizer to run on the powerful and precise Evolv DNA Experience™ Microchip. Designed and manufactured in the Unites States by Evolv, the patented DNA Experience microchip offers true power control and unrivaled consistency.

The SVD2.0 features a maximum output power of 20W and a minimum resistance of .5ohm. The Evolv DNA Experience™ also has the ability to step-down power which gives sub-ohm vapers a wider precise range of usable power levels. With the iTaste SVD2.0 you can vape at any wattage you want regardless of the remaining charge of your battery.

Powered by the Evolv DNA Experience™ Microchip the iTatse SVD2.0 is Innokin’s most powerful device to date.

Always Innovative, Often Imitated and Never Equaled; Innokin and Evolv are looking forward to giving you the very best in vaping.

The iTaste SVD2.0 – Coming soon to your favorite Authorized Innokin vendor.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see what Innokin had up their sleeve. We’ve been hearing that they were working on a product that would be using the Evolv chip for a while now. I honestly expected to see a 30W MVP 3 launched. I am still holding on to hope that one will be released. I am slightly disappointed that this one was annoucned. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to see Innokin step their game up, but would love to have seen the SVD 2.0 be at lease 30 watts.

When a comments on the Facebook post questioned Innokin on  their choice to go with 20w, they replied with safety related answers.

We are still looking at studies about the possible dangers of vaping over 50W. If you are vaping at high Watts please do some research of your own as well.


We have seen some reports about the possible dangers of high temperature vaping. Please look into these for yourself if you are interested.

I can buy these answers. While I want more than 30w personally, I think there is definitely a market for these and the trust that Innokin has with a large number of ecig users, I think this will be well received. I think an MVP 3 with at least a 30w chip is much-needed too.

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