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Innokin iTaste CLK! Reviews

Innokin has a new low end battery/starter kit, the iTaste CLK. Videos are popping up online now.

It’s a ego style battery with variable voltage. It ranges from 3.5v to 5v with a clicking twist at the base of the battery. The battery is 800mah and comes in 3 colors, black, silver, and pink. It takes pretty much any standard tank you want to use but it comes with a iClear 16D clearomizer.

Just like the VV and MVP, you can do pass through USB charging.

Here are some of the videos out on this new kit.

My thoughts from watching the videos

  • The 800mah battery seems kind of weak.
  • VapinGreek pointed out that the iClear 16D airflow is weak. Not that big of a deal since most will change to another tank anyhow.
  • The twist clicking is a great idea to let the user know what voltage they are at.
  • The 3 button press that Innokin uses on their other batteries seems good for this entry level battery.

This seems like a perfect starting kit for new vapers! I look forward to getting my hands on one.