Innokin CLK! Facebook Contest Winner – Congrats Colleen Rhea

Hello Vapers! We got to 410 Likes. 

I have decided to end this contest early. I was aiming for 500 likes of our Facebook page. The contest is dragging on longer than I expected it to. I want to go ahead and announce the winner early. I plan to do more in the future too.

Thanks for all the likes, shares, and comments. I read every one of the comments too! Thanks again.

The winner is Colleen Rhea. Congratulations Colleen. I am sending you a message to get your address and color choice!

Thanks to Innokin and everyone that entered. I wish I could give something to all of you!


  1. Hi Chris. Feel free to DELETE (or NOT publish) this comment! It’s just an FYI…

    Ending a contest early is actually illegal. This type of contest is considered a “sweepstakes” under the law since winners are chosen at random (though it could also be considered a “lottery” since you asked for likes and shares). Such contests are governed by the FTC, FCC and USPS, and could easily open you up to legal claims if both federal (and state) laws are not followed when running contests/giveaways.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know. Don’t wanna see a fellow vaper get in any trouble when you’re just trying to do something fun to help grow your site.

    Btw, here’s a decent resource regarding contest laws and such (it’s an attorney’s law blog):

    Note: I’m not at all affiliated with the above site or attorney.