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Infinite CLT2 RDA Review

The RDA of Many RDAs

So, do you like the Plume Veil, Vulcan or Stillare? What if someone make an RDA that combines the best of all 3 of them? Awesome right? Right! That’s what the Infinite CLT2 bring to the table. Infinite has come out with an authentic RDA that has cloned the features of those RDAs. They have taken the deck, posts, and heat sink from the Vulcan RDA (which I believe was inspired by the TOBH), the air flow set up from the Plume Viel, and the cyclops air flow from the Stillare. The result is an awesome RDA with massive air flow and a really deep drip well. Let’s take a look at this beast.

I got the Infinite CLT 2 from Element Vape for review purposes. Element Vape sells the CLT2 for $45.

This Authentic CLT Version 2 has the combinations of Vulcan, Plume Veil and Stillare. The feature that you will notice is the heating fins, deck (4mm deep) and posts like the Vulcan. Then, there is the cyclops style adjustable airflow of the Stillare combine with the airflow deck and dual hole positive pin like the Plume Veil. Lastly, it consists of a giant drip tip.

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  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 510 thread connection
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Height: 52 mm
  • Custom Drip Tip
  • Full copper adjustable contact pin
  • Heat diffusion sinks / Fins
  • Welded/Built-in one piece posts
  • 2 Linear / Cyclops air slots
  • 4mm Deep for the Deck
  • Dual Positive Center Post
  • Conical Top Cap
  • Side Airflow

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In the box, you get the CLT2, 2 drip tips, a pack with extra parts, and a little screwdriver key chain. The box is very sturdy and quite nice for a low-priced RDA.


The Infinite CLT2 comes with 2 different wide bore drip tips, a stainless and a delrin version. These drip tips are not a standard size and do not work in other RDAs I have. The bore is super wide on these.


The CLT2 is made up of 4 parts, including the drip tip. The outer sleeve fits on top of the build deck and the top cap fits down on to the outer sleeve and can be rotated to adjust air flow. The wide bore drip tips fit on top of the top cap.


The top cap (left) has 2 air holes on each side and 2 cyclops style holes on the other 2 sides. You rotate the top cap to adjust your air flow. You can run it wide open with both of the cyclops style holes exposed or you can dial it down with 1 or 2 of the holes on the other side. The outer sleeve (middle) houses the airflow holes that line up with the top cap options and it also has 2 more single drilled holes that line up with the two holes in the build deck. This setup makes for a wide range of air flow options to cater to anyone’s needs. The build deck looks almost just like a Plume Viel, which was my 2nd favorite RDA before I got the CLT2. My favorite is the Mephisto and the CLT2 just jumped over both of them to my #1 spot.


The bottom of the Infinite CLT2 has Infinite CLT2 and a serial number engraved on the flat surface. The 510 connector is buttery smooth and has an adjustable copper contact. I haven’t had any issues with it lining up on any device I have used it on.


I have a simple dual coil build on my CLT2 at about .4 ohms. The 4mm deep drip well allows for some serious dripping. I can get a lot more hits before redripping that I can with most of my other RDAs.


The CLT2 works fine on my favorite box (Sigelei 100 watt) and my favorite mech mods.


The airflow makes for some serious vapor production. It’s a cool vape thanks to the heat sinks and delrin drip tip. With some chain vaping, the entire RDA stayed fairly cool. The big juice well allows for quite a bit of juice and very little mess from juice spilling out of the air holes. With the air flow on the CLT2 wide open, I am getting a very good vape. I found that when I close the air flow off a little, the flavor is enhanced a bit, but over all, the flavor is stellar no matter how much air flow I allow.

The build quality is on par with other Infinite products. All the parts are machined nicely and I had no problem fitting all the pieces together. Although I don’t like the non-standard size of the included drip tips, I really do like the ones that are included. They fit snuggly and have zero rattle.  Infinite is definitely one of the top dogs in the clone market when it comes to build quality.

The Infinite CLT 2 has taken over the top spot in my RDA collection, beating out the Mephisto and Plume Veil.

I can recommend this to anyone that wants to drip for flavor or clouds. 


  • Superior Airflow
  • Great price for what is considered an authentic RDA
  • Build quality
  • Great flavor
  • Deep drip well
  • Easy to build deck

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  • Infinite Logo on the side of the outer sleeve
  • Drip tips are a non standard size so you can’t use standard drip tip replacements

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If you want to order one, check out Element Vape!