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Huge Sale on Vape Gear at Vaporbank

I just saw this on Kentucky Josh’s Vaping Deals and Discounts and thought it was too good not to share!

This sale is huge! It’s overĀ 800+ different items.

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[quote author=”Vapor Bank”]The Spring Bank Heist has started! There are some awesome deals to check out in the Spring Sale 2014 category on the left. The sale ends on Sunday (6/8/14) and inventory is limited so you better get your order placed fast![/quote]

Here are a couple samples!

  • MVP 2.0 for $34.99. Ego battery prices!
  • Aspire Nautilus for $18.99 WOW! I paid $25-35 for all mine.
  • VTR Kit for $64.99. If I didn’t just spend a boatload on my new mech mod and RDA, I would jump all over this one. This is one of the VV devices I’d like to have but don’t need.

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Check this sale out today. It ends tomorrow!

Quick Jump for some of the categories:

  • Clearomizers and Coil Heads
  • MODs, Li Ion, and Chargers
  • RBA and More

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