Gryphon Raptor 120 Watt Box Mod

Gryphon Raptor 120 Watt Box Mod

Hello folks, let me tell you about my next device, the Gryphon Raptor 120 Watt Box Mod.


I am still planning on getting a ProVari V3, but before that, this is my next purchase!

These are in beta stage right now, but it sounds like they are close to release. They will be available in the US from DB Liquids according to the maker.

The specs of this box mod are fabulous!


  • Variable voltage or wattage control.
  • 1.6V-6.0V (5W-120W) range, up to 20A/0.3Ω
  • Real-time display of firing voltage/power/current, atomizer resistance, battery voltage
  • Battery meter and resistance meter functions
  • Usage meter functions (watt hours, vape minutes)
  • Short circuit (and over-current) protection, reverse battery protection, under-voltage protection
  • Three tactile switches for a quick and easy to use interface. Big ass switch for vaping like a boss.

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Build Specs:

  • Optimized to fit a Hammond 1590B enclosure
  • Uses Arduino Pro Mini 16MHz and two custom-designed PCBs
  • Naos Raptor 20A module controlled via a digital potentiometer
  • Design is adaptable to other “analog” controlled regulators like OKR-T/10, OKL2-T/20
  • 30A current sensor in series with regulator output
  • Fat Daddy Vapes spring-loaded 510 connector
  • 3D printed bezel and button caps
  • Bezel is optional; metal finish mods could use flush-mounted LED display and different tactile switches
  • Controller PCB attached via screws into standoffs glued to case
  • Fully soldered and wired up out of the case and then installed without glue

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You can get all the info you want from the Cloud Management LLC Facebook page or Reddit.


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