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Green Ape E-liquid By Nasty Juice Review

Green Ape is a classic e-juice with green apple flavor by award-winning Nasty Juice. This e-juice manufacturer, which is based in Malaysia, has taken the vaping world by storm. Over the past few months, different Nasty e-juice flavors have been in high demand. The high- quality of Nasty’s handcrafted e-juice collection has been trending among the vaping community on social media. Green Ape is part of Nasty’s new line of e-liquids called the Yummy Series. Green Ape has a natural taste that will remind you of apple juice. The taste of Green Ape will thrill vapers who enjoy crispy green apples.

You can buy a 50ml bottle of Green Ape by Nasty Juice on VaperClubMY for only $12.99. It comes in 5 x 10ml bottles.

Green Ape has an extravagant flavor. It has a balanced blend of sweet and tangy taste. This Nasty e-juice blend has a fruity inhale, and a bubble gum candy flavored exhale. When vaping Green Ape, you will get a mouthwatering blend of slightly sour green apples on the inhale. However, on the exhale, this e-liquid has the taste of pure candy apple bubble gum. The sweet bubble gum flavor on the exhale compliments the fruity and slightly tangy taste of the green apple on the inhale. The blend really tantalizes the taste buds. Green Ape is one of those e-liquids that could easily be vaped all day.

Since Green Apple has a single flavor, it is perfect for mixing with other e-liquids. It will add the refreshing taste of apple to your e-liquid blends.

Green Ape by Nasty Juice is produced with high-quality, food grade vegetable glycerine (VG)and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30. This makes Green Ape ideal for vaping from a sub ohm tank or for dripping. This e-liquid will not gunk your coil and wick. You will enjoy the fullness of this Nasty Juice e-liquid if you choose to vape it with an RDA instead of a sub ohm tank.

The vapor production of Green Ape is excellent. This e-liquid produces huge clouds of vapor. The kind of clouds that you get when you vape Green Ape is consistent with its 70/30 ratio. If you are a cloud chaser, then you will be impressed with this Nasty Juice e-liquid.

Green Ape is available with different nicotine concentration levels. You can get this e-juice with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine. The version of Green Ape with 3mg of nicotine has a smooth and mellow throat hit.

The bottling and packaging of Green Ape is slightly different from other e-liquids in the Nasty Juice line. You will not have any problems filling your tank or dripping on your coil head directly from the bottle. This bottle comes in a souvenir tin. The tin, which is cylindrical, is designed with green and silver. The cover art on the tin is classic and very detailed.

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