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The Goliath J-Stand from J-Wraps

I was at Vape-a-Palooza in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday and I met Alon, the owner of J-wraps. He was unloading a few stands and wraps he brought to sell in the Mad Vapes booth. I watched as he unloaded a box of some of the nicer stands he brought to the event. When he brought out the Goliath, my jaw dropped. This is one of his newest creations and when I saw it on a Vapers.tv show, I knew that I wanted it. The only thing that kept me from purchasing one online after seeing it was that I had never touched one of them in person. I was unsure of the quality. I have heard nothing but good things about the quality, but I am the type of guy that likes to touch something first.


While talking with Alon, I mentioned to him that I loved the Goliath but I wasn’t a fan of orange. He told me that I could change the color with a wrap. The orange is a wrap that I can remove and I can then add another color or pattern to it instead. That was enough for me to pull the trigger.

The Goliath is beautiful and has slots for plenty of devices.

Here’s the Goliath with the LUC V4 charger in place.

Now that it’s loaded up, I realized that I don’t have many devices.

And here is the Goliath in place where I plan to use it.

I am very pleased with this purchase. I’ve had it less than 24 hours, but I don’t need to test drive this for a couple of weeks to know that I love it. Well made, fair price, and functional as hell. What I like most about this stand is the threaded 510 slots for your tanks, RDAs, and RBAs.  The slot for the charger is a big bonus too. My desk looks so much more organized now. Thanks Alon.


Size: 16″ X 9.5″ X 2″

What will it hold? Here’s a list of what it can hold according to the J-Wraps website.

  • 8 regular size devices ( Provari, vamp, nemesis, chi you, mechanical mods etc ) – up to 25mm
  • 2 – side button devices ( GGTS style, K100 will fit as well )
  • 2 – 100-125ml juice bottles
  • 13 – 30ml glass or plastic bottles (can also be used for extra devices 26650 or smaller)
  • 2 box mods slots( MVP, Hana v1,v2,v3, Hana mini, Hana clones v3, Billet box, VTR, DZ, vaporshark, Variant )
  • 8 – Atty/tank slots 510 adapters ( any dripper or 510 tank will fit)
  • 8 – battery slots ( 18350, 18490/500, 18650, 14500, 16650 etc)
  • 1 square Slot ( ohm meter or misc) ohm meter not included.
  • 2- wire spools
  • 20 drip tips ( will fit nice and snug)
  • 1- 4 bay LUC charger ( not included )
  • 2- screwdriver slots

The wrap colors are Black Carbon, Blue Carbon, Gold Carbon, Gray Carbon, Green Carbon, No Wrap, Orange Carbon, Pink Carbon, Purple Carbon, Red Carbon, Silver Carbon, White Carbon.