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GloVari ProVari – Glow in the Dark ProVari

At risk of upsetting Provape’s marketing folks again, here’s another flavor of the ProVari 2.5 – a glow in the dark version.

GloVari-5 GloVari-3


I’ll say that this looks awesome in the dark, but the pale greenish glow in the dark color doesn’t do much for me. I bet that it would be quite fun in a bar or at a concert, but make sure that you’re aloud to vape in the venue. No stealth vaping for you!

And here are the details…

GloVari ProVari V2.5


Vaping nightlife will never be the same!  Introducing the first “glow-in-the-dark” ProVari 2.5.  Simply charge it under incandescent light, and you’ll have a ton of fun!  You’ll be the life of the party!  And … you’ll get the performance and reliability that ProVari products are world-famous for.


Actual glow time will vary based on light source and exposure time to light. Black light works best to charge up the GloVari

As I mentioned, this is another ProVari 2.5 variation. I will hold off reposting the specifications. If you want to check those our, head to ProVape’s website.

For those that are ProVari fans, I am not knocking ProVape for the multiple versions of the same device. I understand that they are great devices and I would love to own one myself, but I am holding off for the ProVari 3 or whatever they will be called. Rumor has it that they will be releasing a new version soon. I almost bought one of the dealer only Dragons recently, but decided to save my coins.

Here’s what I want to see with the new, rumored ProVari. I want to see at least at least 30 watts with a more up to date display. I like the tube and would like to make sure that all the existing addons work with the new versions.

Either way, here’s the GloVari. Quite a neat idea in my opinion!

Here’s an idea from Reddit for their next color!