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Gas Station E-Cigarettes Are Getting Better?

I can’t say that really, I haven’t tried any lately, but I can say that it’s looking better.

I am quite critical of the crap they try to sell you at gas stations, but today I saw something new and interesting at a rural Alabama gas station.



That’s right… an actual refillable e-cigarette in a gas station! What caught my attention was the e-juices. I had never seen e-juices in a gas station. I had to double check to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Not only are they selling a refillable clearomizer, they have spare clearomizers too. I am tempted to buy one and a couple flavors just to see what’s up.

I got home from work tonight and checked out the website that was listed on the brochures at the bottom of the photo and it redirects you to This company seems to sell refillable cartridges for disposable ecigs, the ones I call “gas station ecigs”.

I searched a little and found a couple short reviews that seemed to be a little too positive. That said, I don’t think I am going to waste my money to try them out. I am really impressed to see a decent looking product in the gas stations now though. Leave a comment if you’ve tried them before.



  1. 21st Century Smoke was one of the first ecigs I tried, the disposable tip variety not anything refillable, this was several years ago and I was not impressed. The one thing it had going for it at the time was it was extremely cheap ($1.50 a tip) compared to Mystic, nJoy and Blu ($3 a tip). Now I see it in gas stations for almost triple the msrp of 3 or 4 years ago. I have tried virtually every Gas Station ecig on the market and can honestly say nothing compares to an iTaste at all. It’s as if its actually 2 very different products all together. For anyone thinking of getting into ecigs I recommend skipping the gas station brands entirely and just pick up a iTaste and save yourself a lot of trouble and money.