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 The freedom for vapers to vape what they want!

I personally couldn’t imagine vaping only tobacco flavors with gear that only big tobacco can afford to get approval for.

RiP Trippers posted a must watch video today. This video is to announce a new website that has been put online to help vapers with the submission of comments and thoughts to the FDA about the pending deeming regulations. In addition to the form sending your story, information, etc to the FDA, it will also fax your Congressman, your Senators, and to those Committee Members in Congress who will be reviewing and approving the regulations. UPDATE: I added videos from Ruby Roo, GrimmGreen, and IndoorSmokers.

The goal is 1 million submissions. We have until Jul7 9th, 2014 to get the submissions in. Don’t wait, do it today. makes is extremely easy to submit. It was quite fast and easy to use, you can see my submission at the bottom of this post.

Click here to submit your comments today!

If you have a website or store, check out this link for banners and signs.

Edit: Apparently CASAA advised againt this idea. PBusardo took down his video pending more information. I think it’s a great idea and want to hear more from CASAA on it.

Make sure that you join CASAA and the Vaping Militia as well, if you haven’t already!

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RiP Trippers

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Ruby Roo

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Suck my Mod

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[heading size=”28″ text_align=”left”]Here’s my submission. I hope it helps![/heading]

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  • Do you use Electronic Cigarettes? Yes. Less than 1 year.
  • Do you or have you smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes? Yes. 27 years.
  • Are you familiar with the current proposed FDA regulations regarding hardware? Yes
  • Do you support the FDA proposed warning labels regarding the addictive properties of nicotine? Yes
  • Do you agree with the FDA proposal that there will be no sales of electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18? Yes
  • Do you feel that all eLiquid bottles should have childproof caps? Yes
  • Do you feel that having a variety of eLiquid flavors has helped you quit traditional tobacco cigarettes? Yes. Definitely.
  • Do you support AEMSA’s standards in regards to making juice? Yes.
  • I Vape using: Mods and Variable Voltage/Wattage
  • Should the FDA regulate: None of the above
  • Vaping has helped me: Feel Better, Smell Better, Breathe Better, Have More Energy, Live a Healthier Life, Live a Longer Life

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Hello, my name is Chris Leckness and I am an EX-SMOKER! That’s right, 27 years of smoking and I am now done! I have tried to quit dozens of times. I have tried the patch, I have tried gum, dipping, Wellbutrin, and well… nothing has worked until e-cigarettes.

3-4 years ago, I was attending CES in Las Vegas. I was there covering the mobile tech industry, but I ended up talking with a vendor that was showing an ecig that looked like a real cigarette. He handed me a sample and I took a puff and was like, “woah… that’s bad!” I proceeded to tell this guy that I smoked menthol and he gave me a menthol version. It was bad too, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him a 2nd time though. Since I was press, he handed me some additional samples to take back with me. I never used them. The experience (taste and feel) was so awful that I swore I’d never give them another chance. I don’t even remember the name of that company. It was cool how it did look like a real cig and even had an LED at the end to look like a real cherry. That same week, I actually picked up a couple other e-cigs at CES, but none of them tasted good enough to use. They were tobacco flavored and they just didn’t cut it for me.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago. A friend of mine in Memphis was telling me how he quit smoking using e-cigs. I wasn’t interested. He ended getting so excited about e-cigs that he started selling products at a flea market. Eventually he opened one of the best brick and mortar shops in Memphis, Zooks Vapor. I still wasn’t ready to try them.

I saw a couple contractors that works in my buildings with some fancy e-cigarettes. They told me how awesome they were, but I wasn’t interested. One of their co-workers and I went outside to smoke our REAL CIGS and they followed us out and enjoyed their e-cigs!

3 months after that, I ran into the same 3 contractors. All 3 of them were using e-cigs now. Craig, the one that was smoking real cigs with me 3 months earlier had also converted to e-cigs shortly after I saw them last. I’ve known him for years and I said to myself, “If he can quit, so can I”. On that day, I decided I wanted to give them a go.

The 1st thing I did was to call my friend at Zooks Vapor. He told me some things to look for and some to look out for. I was going to order a kit from him, but found that there was a local store where I live that had just opened 3-4 months earlier. The store is Ikonic Vapor in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I decided to check them out in hopes of finding what I need without having to wait a couple of days for a shipment. I headed in and the owner recommended the same device for me that my friend Todd had suggested. I purchased the MVP 2.0 and a Kanger Unitank and a couple of ejuice bottles and headed home to try it out.

On that day, April 17th, 2014, I became a non smoker. I haven’t craved a real cigarette since that day.

I sincerely believe that e-cigarettes would not have worked if not for the e-liquids available to me. I tried many flavors until I found a couple that tasted good enough to enjoy vaping. In the last 49 days, I have helped others get off analog cigarettes too. By taking the time to let them try flavors, the stereotypes that many smokers have with e-cigs can be eliminated.

If these regulations are put into place, it is my belief that the only companies that will be left standing are the tobacco companies. The companies that do not have our best interest in mind. If flavors are reduced to only tobacco and menthol, I don’t think I will be able to continue vaping. I am positive that I couldn’t have quit cigarettes after 27 years if it wasn’t for the flavors available to me right now.

I do support laws that would prevent minors from buying e-cigarettes. I support child proof caps and warning labels, but I do not support the government stifling an industry that is helping to save lives.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and comments.