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Forge Vapor Georgia Striker Vape Liquid Review

Although you can’t easily tell it by its name, Georgia Striker eliquid by Forge Vapor is actually a peach perfect blend that will make you crave for more once you start vaping it. This ejuice is so good it tastes like pure extraction of organic peaches. Check out my review below and see why this baby deserves a try.

“A sweet peach flavor that packs as much sweet as it does peach. Georgia Striker is a mouth wateringly sweet peach flavor that works around the bitter peach tannin and chemical aftertaste that make so many peach vapes good, but not great.”

If you check Vape Moar’s website, Georgia Striker is described as “An all day flavor for those whose vapecraft is a labor of love. Georgia Striker is a peach flavor so sweet and juicy, it doesn’t even need the tea to complete it. Pure, sweet, and refreshing.”

You can’t deny it. Georgia Striker will definitely strike you with peach flavor on both the inhale and exhale. This sole flavor is very noticeable on each puff. You can’t miss it. It is impressive to note that of all the peach-based ejuices I have tried so far, this gives the most consistent flavor. This means that the peach flavor is deliciously palatable whatever temperature you set your mod in. As per Forge Vapor’s recommendation, this vape liquid is best vaped between a temp of 430 and 600 Fahrenheit, and wattage from 25 watts to 35 watts.

I did a little tinkering with my SMOK TFV4 tank and found heaven between 480 and 500 Fahrenheit. I wanted my peach to be mild, sweet, and juicy. If you are feeling curious, heating the temp up to 500 Fahrenheit will give you a brighter and stronger ripe peach taste, while at 575 Fahrenheit, you will have a totally intense peach flavor. This is also a pretty clean and coil-friendly vape. It will not gunk up your coil or atomizers.

In terms of vapor, Georgia Striker kicks mildly on the throat. It does not give any harsh throat hit that will result to nicotine high, nose tingling sensation, or even fits of coughing and spluttering. This runs nice and smooth to the throat. Cloud chasers will surely love this too as this produces huge and puffy clouds that do not disperse immediately. Its peach-scented clouds will surely leave you floating on air. This vape liquid is mixed in a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 75/25.

This truly enjoyable premium vape juice is available in three nicotine concentration. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. The 0 mg level has no nicotine at all. This is usually the choice of vapers who have tapered off of nicotine or those who just want to vape without any nicotine. The 3 mg level is probably the ideal starting point for on and off smokers. Those who are using vape mods or sub-ohm tanks also use this level. The 6 mg level can be a sweet and safe spot to start for light smokers.

Of note, choosing the right nicotine level is very important especially if you are switching from smoking to vaping. The nicotine concentration level is really important to vaping and can break or make your vaping experience.

Georgia Striker comes in a clear plastic bottle with a child-resistant cap, similar to all of Forge Vapor’s products in the Small Bottles collection. The bottle is wrapped with a silver-colored label that displays the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, and size of the ejuice. Forge Vapor makes its presentation pretty nice and straightforward. I love it when I can easily find the information I am looking for.

You can grab a sampler bottle (18 mL) or big bottle (132 mL) sizes of Georgia Striker. They cost $4 and $25, respectively. The big bottle is more than enough to last an average vaper quite some time. It can also be great when shared with fellow vapers or friends. On the other hand, the sampler size is best if you are just wanting to give the flavor a try. But tell you what, the Forge Super Sampler is more of a deal. You can get all five best-selling flavors for only $20. Blends included are Georgia Striker, Blueberry Boss, Smith’s Apple, Crucible Cream, and Melon Quench.