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If you fire a Mechanical Mod and it burns your hand…

If you fire a Mechanical Mod and it burns your hand, don’t keep trying. Fix the problem!

I witnessed a vaper today that had a mechanical mod with a Nautilus tank today. It was a week old. When you’d fire it, the entire battery casing and battery got too hot to touch in seconds. SHORT!!!! OUCH!!!! The person had a physical burn on his hand from this thing. We tried it out and felt the burn too. It was crazy hot and was probably on the verge of venting.

We quickly isolated the issue to being something wrong in the Nautilus tank. It turns out that the white ring that keeps the firing pin (or center pin) from touching the tube was boogered up.


The coil, which was the original 1.6Ω coil, was removed from the Nautilus and put on a meter. 

After fixing the spacer and center pin, all was well.

The moral of the story here is… be careful people!