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FDA Proposed Deeming Regulations

VapingCookie, a YouTuber that promotes vaping, has published a video talking about the proposed FDA regulations. This 20 minute video calls vapers to action to educate others and the ridiculous things that the FDA want to do with the e-cig industry.

She puts the application process for e-juice makers in to prospective. If this is put in place, it will kill the industry for most companies. The only winners in all this will be the big tobacco industry.

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[quote author=”VapingCookie”]In this video, I go over my fears regarding the proposed FDA deeming regulations on electronic cigarettes. Please ask the FDA to extend the comment period, they needed years to propose them and we need at least six months to provide them the information that they are asking for. When the time comes, please share your story with them and have your family and friends share how vaping electronic cigarettes has improved your health. Please provide them with evidence of how much of a safer alternative they are when compared to traditional tobacco combustible cigarettes. Please get out and vote to stop this agenda. Thank you so much for your time and effort![/quote]

Here’s the vlog from¬†GrimmGreen on Regulations¬†that Cookie mentions.

The FDA Document can be found here.

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I am new to vaping and this bothers me. I am for the FDA providing some regulation on products and I am against the government possible taxing e-liquid with nicotene in it, but there are some parts of this regulation that will do nothing to help anyone but the tobacco industry.

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