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What is the FDA Doing? Deleting Comments?

A few minutes ago in the We Are CASAA Facebook group, Stefan Didak posted a couple screenshots from CosmicDave. Apparently CosmicDave posted this on Reddit earlier.

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[quote author=”CosmicDave”]50,000+ comments is kind of a big deal. Yesterday there were only 11,000 comments received, after being open for over a month. The FDA just received 39,000 comments in a single day on a single proposal, and we are just getting warmed up. July is going to be HUGE![/quote]


There were 50,166 comments and then….


31,096 comments?  I went to the site to check for myself and it went down by 4 more comments in that short time. (see below)


What are they doing over there?

Perhaps the website submitted all those comments that they have been collecting yesterday? Maybe the FDA or whoever is in charge of that website saw that and decided to purge them all? I don’t know but it’s quite fishy. We go from 11k comments to 56k comments and now back to 32k comments.

Edit: Ok, scratch that, Stefan says that there has only been 16k submission through FTV.