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Facts about steeping your e-juice

If you know the vaping culture, there’s a really good chance you’ve heard the word “steeping e-juice” There’s a whole cycle to transform the delicious flavors of e-juice into vapor. Steeping is one of the most important parts of the method. We’ll discuss how to make steep vape juice, and whether it makes a difference or not. But what is steeping, first?

Steeping is a process that allows the flavors of DIY e-juice to blend. And enables complete absorption of the flavors into the liquid. Steeping an e-liquid is like making it ferment. The alcohols dissolve and the flavors uniformly permeate in the liquid. Meanwhile, vape liquids go through the steeping cycle before placing them into bottles. While this may be the case, many people in the vaping community enjoy themselves going through the steeping cycle to improve the flavors as much as possible.

Steeping is like making your tea. The teabag is dipped within the water to produce tea. The longer the teabag sits in the tub, the more flavor is released into the drink. Just like making tea, the longer you steep your vapor, the stronger the taste. And the result is clear, like a cup of tea. Steep e-juices contribute to darker and thicker, and more flavourful blends.

Do I need to get my e-juice steep?

The answer is simple: No. The aim of steeping is to make your juice taste better. If you like your juice already there’s no need to steep. What to do! If you do make your e-liquid, however, steeping will help to change your juice’s taste for the better. It is important to remember that it is appropriate to steep certain flavors more than others. Fruity flavors tend to be ready with little or no steep time or vape right away. Tobacco and dessert flavors are more complicated, so it takes time to react intricately with the other components. Time is really important for a smooth taste to look for. How long is it? For the rich and creamy flavors, a general rule of thumb is to let the vape juice sit and steep for at least two weeks.

Can you over steep e-liquid?

Things just get better with age most of the time but some things get worse. So, that might be a tough question. It all depends on how they are made. Besides, some e-liquids have already been steeped in the making process. Some juices will age very well while others will lose flavor and/or get funky or sticky with age. Some juices with age can even turn black, and in effect, taste horrible!

I wouldn’t recommend steeping for more than 4 months in most e-liquids. It’s best to get a small bottle to hold your favorite juice in and steep the small e-liquid bottle for how long you want to see what kind of effect it has on the juice. Some juices can be perfectly steep for up to a few years while others will go bad for more than 3 to 4 months after steeping. It can go fantastic or bad, depending on the e-liquid. Again, I would not recommend that you steep it for 4 months, but only judge the cycle by how the liquid responds to steeping.

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