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Every e-Juice Maker Should Follow This Lead

I was bouncing around online and found an almost perfect label for e-juice this morning.



I have never tried this company’s products and couldn’t find the juice online, maybe it’s coming soon per this tweet, but it looks like a perfect label except for a couple things I would like to see.


I would like to see the percentage of PG/VG included. I realize that would be a little more costly to the maker since it would require multiple variations of the label, but if they only mix a certain percentage, then it wouldn’t matter. I would also like to see actual size of the bottle exactly. The label reads 3.5ml per serving and approximately 3 servings per bottle. This leads me to believe that it’s a 10ml bottle, but I would like to see that clearly stated. I think they are basically working on their on infrastructure. Their vaporizer tank is a 3.5ml tank and the label tells you how many tanks you’ll get basically.

All in all, I really like the label. It tells us a lot of information and if the FDA gets their way, this is what I would like to see moving forward. Well, if the FDA gets their way, companies like this will probably be out of business so it doesn’t matter at that point.

Looking further at this company, they seem to have a neat little kit for sale. It doesn’t look like a kit for a power vaper, but it looks like a solid starter kit.


Pretty solid looking starter kit. I am tempted to grab one. They have their own coils in the works but state that you can useĀ Kanger T3-S Coils instead.

Check it out on their website. Not many products, but a pretty solid entry level setup.