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Ecig Resources: Power Chart, Coil Builder, Calculators

Over the last few weeks, I have run into some really cool resources online to help me out. Even though I have been an electronics tech for 23 years, 9 in the US Navy and 14 in the telecom world, there is no reason to figure it out on your own when you have great resources at your fingertips!

When I rebuilt my Kayfun clone last night to .8 ohms, I thought that I should share some of the links.

Here are a couple really good resources I have bookmarked:

[list icon=”moon-image” color=”#2da5da”]Vaping Power Chart – I found this one in a Google Search and uploaded it here to preserve.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-calculate-2″ color=”#2da5da”]Steam Engine – This site is an all-in-one resource for vapers. It has an Ohm’s law calculator, coil wrapping calculator, battery drain calculator, and a DIY e-liquid calculator.[/list]

[list icon=”moon-calculate-2″ color=”#2da5da”]Coil Toy – a nifty coil calculator. [/list]

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I will add to this list as I find others!