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E-liquid Calculator App – The Vaper’s App

The number of vape applications available for iPhone and Android devices has grown exponentially in the past few years due to the continued development of the vape industry. This provided many choices and features for even the most discerning vaper.

This is not new because there are so many people already using vaping apps every day. From researching or creating the world’s “next big e-liquid recipe” to shopping, using, and managing of vape devices, more often than not, vapers are using apps to help them find an optimal e-cig experience.

A big draw to vaping is the vapers’ ability to customize their experience. This is also true in terms of flavors; vapers have an infinite range of flavors, whereas smokers of cigarettes have tobacco and menthol.

Alessandro Boggiano’s E-Liquid Calculator app is a vape app that makes juice mixing simpler than ever before for anyone (experienced or beginner). To anyone looking to discover the variety of flavors in the world of vaping through the use of a mobile app then this is for you.

User Interface and App Features

The app features a basic calculator that helps you to make mixes right away. For those of you just getting into e-juice mixing, this is perfect. Many other e-juice calculator apps provide too many options, making them hard for beginners to use. Instead of relying on quantity over price, E-Liquid Calculator opts for the intuitive, clear experience.

The UI is very simple and basic, easy for anyone to navigate. The colors are mainly yellow and dark grey. You have the E-liquid calculator written at the top of the screen and the menu follows.

The E-Liquid Calculator app also features an advanced section for the more experienced vaping crowd which allows you to customize your e-juice to the extreme. You can tweak the base nicotine, target the quantity of your e-liquid, and more using the advanced calculator. The calculator will tell you how much water you need to use, how many ml of each part you need to add to make sure you get a better mix each time.

You can set the amount of juice you would like to produce, the desired power, the amount of water/vodka, PG / VG, and so on. There is also a section for entering notes about the mix itself and detailed instructions.

Final remarks

The flavor percentages used in the e-liquid calculator are subject to personal preference but most concentrations of e-liquid flavor are mixed between 10 and 20 percent. Most market concentrations are based on PG, so you are unlikely to be able to create a 100 % pure VG-based liquid.

Care should be taken when handling nicotine products. The e-liquid calculator is only a guide to help you mix your e-liquid. It is important to wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly after you are done with your DIY e-liquid. Also, remember to use gloves when handling e-liquids.

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