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The Anatomy of a Vaping & E-Juice Subscription Boxes

Subscription Box – What it is actually?

A monthly box loaded with premium brand e-juice from hundreds of manufacturers.It is a box of curated e-liquids that are used to vape in vaping units. These e-liquids are meant only for use in vaping units and not in any other way. A Box that is delivered to your house will contain 10-80 mL bottles of e-liquids. They will try to gather the best e-liquids from all over the world and select the best for you every single month. No two box will be the same. Each box will also contain an accessory that will enhance your vaping experience.

How It Works

The service offering and discovering new premium eLiquid as easy as possible and deliver the best vape goodies straight to your door.

The Plan

Discover your next favorite all-day vape now by choosing a monthly e-Liquid subscription that best suits your needs

It delivers

The service delivers the best vaping experience possible. We hand-pick and curate every juice crate, every month.

Unbox. Vape. Be happy.

Enjoy your new favorite all-day vape by sharing with the subscription society

Powerful features –

  • Flexible Rebilling System – total control over customer billing cycles
  • Robust Coupon and Promotions System – accommodates nearly all discount and redemption possibilities
  • Recurring Inventory Management System – always know exactly how much product to order each month
  • Print shipping labels with one-click and enjoy Cratejoy exclusive postage pricing

Things each service has in common:

  • Receive different e-liquids every month-Yes, every month they will send you new and different vaping liquids that have been hand-selected by their team of expert curators for you. They also may, on occasion, send you
  • Family Favorites and these could be e-liquids you’ve received before. However, while this may happen on occasion, you will not receive a box of the same e-liquids every month… that wouldn’t be fun!
  • If you decide to cancel your pre-order, They will refund you up to the point of right before shipping out your first order. Once they’ve shipped out your box, they will cancel your order for the next month.
  • You need to list your vaping experience level.
  • You will be asked by them about your new choice.
  • You need to mention the frequency of delivery
  • Almost all website will take minimal shipping charge
  • They don’t push one over another package, you will choose and change everytime you want.
  • Every once in a while, you get something you don’t like, it just happens.

Things That are Different

  • Each subscription service has its own way of doing things, just like you’d expect. Some of the services let you pick exactly what you want. Some of the services want to choose for you every single time you get a delivery. The e-liquid subscription services adjust their shipments to fit your preferences and give excellent customer service.
  • To make things easy for you, we have chosen the five best services that will fulfill if not exceed your expectations.
  • Price range
  • Flavors of vape juices
  • Accessories and hardware
  • Shipping price and location

Why join Subscription Boxes?

Join in on an innovation market quest for premium e-juices made in the U.S. You will receive a variety of e-liquids you may have never known & wish you had. The curators search all over the United States for unknown premium juices for you to taste, giving you 100’s of brands waiting to be unearthed that create amazing premium juices for you to discover & enjoy. Explore & examine the best e-juices out there. These boxes will also include well-known premium e-juices from time to time.

Things to consider before join –

  • Price – Whats your budget? Before starting the new plan check your monthly budget and take the risk.
  • Nicotine Strength – What nicotine strength actually satisfied you?The range is usually 0-18mg in the market
  • Interval of delivery– How often actually do you want your supply? Weekly or monthly? Check the available offers that matched with your demands.
  • Flavors –Take the unique palette test of the websites and we will only send you flavors which you like.
  • Renewal – For eLiquid subscriptions, you will be billed up-front for the recurring subscription period that you choose. You can also change your plan at any time.

The subscription boxes are pretty smart and special also. They look fantastic and have always full of surprise vaping goodies inside like Skittles? Unique touches such as different vape related gifts made you feel special.

Vape Box is one to love; the brand has amazing Vape juice monthly subscription service and cheap prices, with all the bells and whistles you want with a special personalized vaping box.