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DuraSmoke – Orange Cream E-Liquid Review


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E-Liquid Company: DuraSmoke

E-Liquid Flavor: Orange Cream Red Label

Available Options: 10ml or 30ml sizes. 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg strengths. They sell in two ratios. Red Label is 50/50 and Blue Label is 100% VG.

Reviewed Option: I am reviewing the Orange Cream at 12 mg and a 50/50 PG/VG ratio.

Price: $6.99 / 10ml or $16.99 / 30ml

Where did I get mine? I received a 10ml bottle as a giveaway on Reddit.

Where can you get yours? DuraSmoke


The Orange Creamsicle Was My Favorite Childhood Treat!

When I was a kid, I loved the Orange Creamsicle so much that I would mix orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream together in a bowl when we didn’t have any in the freezer. In fact, that was more common since my mother didn’t buy the real thing often. They were my favorite and even today, I treat myself… often. Sonic does a great job with their “Orange Cream Slush”. Yummy.

When DuraSmoke ran a promotion on Reddit last month, I jumped on it. The giveaway allowed us, on a 1st come 1st serve basis, to order a 6 pack of 10ml bottles at our desired nicotine level. They sent out random samples at that nicotine level. It was explained that these were samples left over from a trade show. I ordered 12mg and waited to see what I would get.


Without knowing a thing about me, they did a great job. Out of 6 flavors, I was excited to try 5 of them. I am not a fan of tobacco flavors. I ended up giving that one to a friend. I grabbed the Green Apple and Orange Cream and gave them a try 1st. I liked them both. I decided to review the Orange Cream 1st since i just polished off the bottle today.

Taste & Flavor Accuracy

Right now, I have the last of my 10ml bottle in a Kayfun with a 1.2 ohm coil and the flavor is perfect. It vapes well. I don’t think I could vape it all day though.

How do they describe Orange Cream?

An amazing orange flavor mixed perfectly with a rich vanilla cream. It’s a dream-sicle come true!

Well, they did a pretty good job, but it’s not exactly creamy. The orange is a little more prevalent than the cream. If I could change one thing it would be more balance between the flavors. I do get the cream, but it’s pretty weak compared to the orange flavor.

It doesn’t taste just like an Orange Creamsicle, but it’s close enough to vape!

Throat Hit

I ordered it in 12mg and there is very little throat hit. I can take short or long hits and it’s a smooth draw.

Bottle and Label

I really like the label, but the 10ml bottles are made with a harder plastic and squeezing them into a tank requires a good pinch. The label has all the right info and isn’t flashy. I don’t really like the flashy labels. I want the info and that’s it. This label has a California Prop 65 legal disclaimer and includes a warning to keep away from children. It also has the nicotine level in percentage rather than mg as well as a list of ingredients. Lastly, it has the ratio, lot number, and expiration date. My label has an expiration date of 5/15.


$6.99 for a 10ml bottle is a little expensive when you can get 15ml bottles for that price all day. The flavors from DuraSmoke that I have tried are good, but I don’t know that I would pay that for a 10ml bottle. The 30ml bottles are $16.99, which is a better value and quite fair.


If you want a good orange vape, this one is right up your alley. If you want an orange cream, try it out, you might taste the cream better than me. If not, throw some vanilla in it. It’s good enough to vape by itself, but adding some vanilla (which I also received from DuraSmoke) really sets it off. It doesn’t taste just like an Orange Creamsicle, but it’s good either way!

[note color=”#eeee22″]Everyone has different tastes, these are my own opinions. Not everyone is going to taste a flavor the same.[/note]