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What is Dripping?

Check out this video from Simple Vaping caleld “Simple Vaping for Beginners: Dripping 101“. It’s a perfect video to explain dripping!

I have recently started dripping, not for the big power hits, not for better flavor, not for the huge clouds, but just for taste testing. That’s right, I decided to drip just so I can taste more flavors faster.

What is Dripping?

Dripping is a method of e-liquid delivery where instead of  filling up a tank with e-juice and vaping until it’s gone, you literally drip the juice directly on to your atomizer and vape it. The video I have embedded demonstrates dripping perfect. 


When dripping, you are going to want to use lower nicotene levels or the hits will become quite harsh. I typically get samples of e-juices I want to try at 4 mg or even 0 mg.

Advantages of Dripping:

  • Clean, stronger flavor. The difference in taste is amazing.
  • You don’t have to clean your clearomizer, change coils, etc. just to try new flavors.
  • Stronger throat hits.
  • More vapor!

Disadvantages of Dripping:

  • Messy? It can be messy.
  • Constant refilling.
  • You have to carry your juice around with you.
  • Not a good solution for people that are on the go all day, like me.

Like I said, I am dripping to try new flavors. Once I find a flavor I like, I load up a ProTank or Unitank and go all day. I drive 3-4 hours a day for work and I can’t pull over every 4-5 hits to load up my cotton!

When I do drip, I use a Stingray Mod Clone with a Nimbus atomizer.