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DHL Stops Shipping Batteries from China

Yesterday, I read a post in the CASAA Group on Facebook that said that DHL was stopping a bunch of KangerTech shipments from China.

DHL has stopped hundreds of boxes from Kanger Tech to the US. This is not eliquid nor dry battery goods. These are evods and internal battery devices that are being stopped. My company placed an order last week only to find this out today. If anyone here in this group has any knowledge of this or knows something please let me know. Thanks.

When I think KangerTech, I think tanks, not batteries so this post worried me since DHL is responsible for a ton of shipments of ecig products from China to the US. I didn’t really read into it much and initially thought that this was for all ecig products. I already knew that they wouldn’t ship e-liquids.

I started polling friends that own B&M stores and some of the replies to my questions lined up with my assumptions. One store owner answered the question I asked about what percentage of shipments they get from China are shipped using DHL with, “A lot. I guess FedEx is going to have to step it up.”  Another said, “50+ Percent”. Lisa from Victory Vapors in Tuscaloosa, AL told me that pretty much all of her shipments from China came in via DHL and went on to say that some of the vendors she uses don’t even offer other solutions.

In my own experience, all 3 packages I have received from China lately, 2 from Innokin and 1 from Hawk Vape, both came to my home via DHL. The Innokin packages would not be able to go DHL in the future, but if I understand it correctly, my Hawk Vape package would since they were mech mods with no battery.

This morning, I was trying to find more information and found this post on

On Monday August 11, 2014 the international shipping carrier DHL declared it will not be shipping certain e-cigarette related products from China. This information comes after a fire broke out in one of the warehouses located in China. According to several e-cigarette suppliers located in Shenzhen, the alleged source of the fire was a battery that exploded from within a package. Where in the warehouse and what stage of shipping the package was in is not clear.

The author did some research on this matter and actually called DHL. The rep that he spoke with put him on hold and checked with someone. When she returned to the phone, she mentioned a fire from a combustible battery and stated that DHL would no longer be shipping batteries.

I’ll be honest here, I don’t like DHL one bit. I had some issues with them when I covered the mobile tech industry and would never voluntarily use DHL as a result.

This could be bad for the vape industry. There are already a handful of other courier services that won’t ship batteries and FedEx is more expensive. That should result in a higher markup of products in local B&Ms. Perhaps some local shops only use other solutions like dealing with US-based distributors or using other couriers altogether. I think DHL might change their tune eventually. When they see the income that will be lost as a result, they might reconsider. Until then, FedEx stands to gain from this decision by DHL.

Either way, this isn’t good news for the vape industry.


  1. Just found out why my shipment was late from usual supplier on DHgate. I usually get my supplies in less than a week. I’ve been waiting over 2 weeks now. My guy there just told me he found another delivery option in China and that my stuff will now be arriving UPS when it hits the states. He told me DHL will not be accepting any shipments with batteries no matter how they are packed now. All of my goods were delivered via DHL or e-packet from DHgate and Alibaba.
    He says that he will use this new company (??) until DHL starts shipping Ecigs again. He thinks it will be a couple of weeks. I hope so!
    Thanx Vapor Mamma “)

      • Hey Chris
        This just in from my supplier:
        “there are many e cigarette items (for the battery and atomizer) has been stopped by the DHL this 2 week
        the express company tell us that the DHL has found some drug in the e cigarette packages
        so the DHL do not accept the e cigarettte items these days” Unquote
        Vapor Mamma

  2. Hi Chris
    More bad news on the DHL shipping dilemma. Here is what my supplier found out. He sent me a pic of all the DHL trucks backed up for blocks! He says it’s been this way for a couple of weeks. It’s not just the fire that was caused by a battery. Here’s why, Quote “the DHL will accept the atomizer from this Sunday. but do not accept the e cigarette battery.
    for the battery,it only can be shipped by UPS.
    the reason why it take too long is because there is a big problem with shipping now,
    it is a very tough time at this moment,the shenzhen customs has stopped the The customs barrier to check the every packages carefully from last weeks
    many many packages has been later and can not send them to HongKong DHL in time,there are a long line of the goods trucks waiting at the shenzhen port to wait to go to HongKong
    here is the picture that the express company gave to me .
    we have a lot of packages has stayed in shenzhen port for about 7-12 days,and can not been picked up by the HK do other company in shenzhen.
    the reason why the customs do like this is because :
    1: they have found the drug at the DHL packages
    2:they found 2 ton fake money to be hidden at the DHL packages
    3:More than 300 officer from the shenzhen customs has been fired and investigated.

    it is very tough time with shipping and we can not sleep well these days, and so are other company.” Unquote
    It’s gonna be a long haul back to DHL. My supplier is using UPS and it is still taking about 21 days for delivery.