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Cyclops Vapor Review

The History of Cyclops Vapor
Behind every great product are creative minds that come together to develop something that is truly unique. In 2008, Zack and Gary met one another thanks to a synergy in their professional lives. Aside from both being business owners and entrepreneurs, Gary and Zack quickly discovered they had a great deal in common and shared similar interests.

By 2010 they had a solid professional relationship.

2010 was also when Zack discovered e-cigarettes. Having smoked 1 to 2 packs a day for over 15 years he was ready for an alternative. Sampling the vape juice led him to investigate creating his own liquids. After a great deal of trial and error, he hit on some fantastic blends that he continued to perfect, and shared them with Gary.

Being one to enjoy cigars, Gary was keen on trying something new and was instantly hooked on the quality of the e-liquid Zack produced compared to other liquids they had both tried. They both believed that the market lacked a quality product like this and was overrun with lesser-quality e-liquids.
Other Vapers needed to try this.

The Birth of Cyclops Vapor
They firmly believed their product was superior in quality to many other liquids, and Gary was behind Zack 100%, helping him continue to perfect his flavors and research new E-liquids. Every product needs a name if you’re going to market it.

Like their uniqueness of their products, they sought a brand representation that was unique. Something that avoided the typical clichés in the ejuice market. They turned inward to examine not just the product, but themselves, their passions, their interests.

Gary is 66, at 350lb. Lover of the outdoors. Zack is shorter in stature but has a commanding, confident presence with a passion for high-performance motorcycle racing.

Zack also has just one functioning eye. This brings about their slogan. 1 Giant. 1 Eye. Strength.

Remarkable Skill. Intense Passion.

There was no better representation of their approach to crafting high-quality liquid than Cyclops Vapor, a one-eyed giant who crafted the perfect weapon for Zeus on Olympus. It is a typical mixture of everything they bring to the product personally and professionally.

They are Cyclops Vapor.

The Mission

While others focus on churning out a variety of flavors to attract the widest audience for the purpose of profit, we concentrate on the quality of the product itself. That is why we limit our flavor offering and why our brand presence is steeped in Greek Mythology.

There is not an infinite number of Gods. Each Deity is unique, bringing something remarkable to the pantheon. Cyclops Vapor sees their e-liquids the same way. Each should be perfect.

Legendary Premium E-liquid at New Legendary Prices
Athena is a decadent amber e-liquid with a very subtle flavor on inhalation, offering a lingering aftertaste

Artemis is a berry cobbler flavored ejuice with a delicious baked flavor that pierces your taste buds.

Colossus eLiquid is a smooth sweet flavor based on vanilla custard. The combinations with a grant exhale

Enjoy a deep, authentic inhale of natural strawberry just plucked from the spring field with a right, sweet aftertaste that invites you to enjoy it again and again

Reach the center of this delicious maze of smooth, creamy peanut butter cookie with notes of caramel drizzle to please even the most monstrous, again and again.

The mellowness of roasted java beans mingles with sweet mocha and subtle nuttiness to provide a rich and lasting flavor

Poseidon premium eLiquid contains vapers with a crisp, delicious flavor combination, pulling together elements from the world’s most succulent fruit and melon varieties

Let the God of Lust consume you; an exotic Danish, coupled with subtle fresh blueberry undertones that seduce the senses.

Fear not the depths of my father’s domain. Icy cold waters, hiding death in deep fathoms, still offer safe passage by the liquid I have forged for his loyal servants. – The Cyclops

The recounting of the mythology of the Cyclops isn’t told in a single tale but instead, has been debated throughout history due to different versions mentioned by Hesiod and Homer.

In Hesiod’s Theogony, Zeus overthrew his father (Cronus) and set the Cyclops free from the dark pit of Tartarus where Cronus had imprisoned them. Since they were metal workers and blacksmiths, they repaid Zeus with a thank you gift of thunder and lightning.

The Cyclops also gifted the gods Poseidon with a trident, and Hades with the Helmet of Darkness.The Gods waged war with the Titans (the elder Gods) for the better part of a decade.  It was only thanks to the gifts skillfully created by the Cyclops that the Gods were able to overthrow the Titans.

Man Created It. Cyclops Perfected It.

Discover how Cyclops Vapors U.S. manufactured premium e-liquid will change your vaping experience. Each of Cyclops Vapors flavors undergoes months of research & development and are carefully blended in their Class 7 clean room by the skilled hands of Cyclops Vapor. You’ve never had taste and performance quite like this.

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