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Cube – StrawNana Disposable Pod by VaporTech Review

The VaporTech Cube – StrawNana is a sweet addition to the VaporTech Cube disposable pod flavors. It’s a juicy splash of rich creamy bananas and ripe strawberries, with a subtle dash of vanilla to emphasize the sweetness of this flavor.

VaporTech is a leading brand in the world of vaping, crafting a variety of ejuice flavors that can be enjoyed with a wide catalog of devices, irrespective of your experience. VaporTech Cube is the newest feather on their cap and it comes in five other flavors aside StrawNana; you can opt for the succulent Red Apple, the Mexican Fresas Con Crema, a touch of Summer in Summer Menthol, a rush of Energy, or a Tropic paradise. All six flavors can be purchased from vaportechusa.com for $19.99 each.

Flavor Profile
You know what it’s like to take a large spoonful of bananas and cream or strawberries mashed with banana cream. That’s exactly what would play across your taste buds on the inhale. You would feel the juicy creaminess of ripe bananas as you munch them, filling your mouth and your senses. The exhale takes you to cloud nine, as tart strawberries tingles your taste buds. This flavor is a perfect balance between fruit and dessert. You can vape this all day; you wouldn’t be weary of the yum taste in your mouth or the ecstasy in your head after every hit.

Product Description
The VaporTech Cube – StrawNana disposable pod sports a 11ml tank capacity, which offers you 3000 puffs in one device. You could find this feature in some sub-ohms and advanced mods but to find it in disposable pod? That’s innovative. It’s taking most the features you admire in the bigger vape devices and recreating it in a lightweight, easy to use pod that you could discard after use. There’s no need to charge, no refilling or messing your device with spilled eJuice, no battery cases or changing of coils. No expertise required, just open, pull and discard when exhausted.

The packaging design of the disposable pod is authentic. The sleek 4.0lb pod comes in a black pack. The pod features a sleek conical mouthpiece that fits into your mouth. The mouthpiece is protected with a white cover that only needs to be removed when you are ready to take a pull. To adjust your level of inhale and exhale, there’s a button at the base of the pod (turn it upside down). You just adjust it till you get your desired puff level.

Throat Hit
With 5% nicotine strength, the VaporTech Cube – StrawNana disposable pod delivers a smooth throat hit. You can vape this all day, enjoying every bit of flavor as it flows to your throat and satisfies your craving.

VG/PG Ratio
This device features a VG/PG ratio of 50/50. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) are the principal ingredients in every eJuice that determine vapor production and the intensity of your flavor.

What better way to enjoy your day and cool off that heat than with VaporTech Cube – StrawNana? Plus VaporTech offers fast delivery and customer care service that would keep you impressed.