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The Cloupor DNA 30 Arrived Today

The Cloupor DNA 30 arrived today, you know the one… The Famous Box Mod Clone that I told you guys I ordered the other day. Between the time I ordered and today when it arrived, I saw all sorts of posts in various places about these things burning up. I saw a couple of videos saying it was garbage. Pretty much everything I read made me regret the purchase even more.

Well… it arrived and I HAVE ZERO BUYER’S REMORSE NOW!

I’m not saying that I won’t have buyer’s remorse down the road, but right now, I am loving it. I busted the box, took some photos, threw in a fresh battery, and popped my Kayfun with a 1Ω coil on it and BOOM… great vape. If the real Hana Modz is as good or better, then I might consider getting one now.

This isn’t a review obviously, but let me take you through some photos. There are some bad things that I have found too, but the vape outweighs them so far.


The box is plain black box with nothing on it but a red dot to indicate the color of the box.

Here’s what came in the box. A retractable USB charger, a small Phillips head screwdriver, printed instructions, and the mod itself.

Clouportop ClouporBottom


The top has 510 connection and is recessed. The bottom has an air vent.

ClouporRightSide ClouporLeftSide


The right side has nothing! The left side has the fire button and the up/down buttons.


The front of the box houses the micro USB port and the view window for the DNA 30 chip.

Cloupor510connector ClouporButtons

The buttons and 510 connector have recessed areas around them. This is a nice touch and when you have an atomizer attached, it really looks better than if the 510 connector was flush.


Here’s where things start looking dicey. 1st off, this little paint chipping is straight out of the box. If I would have paid $250 for the real thing and saw this, I’d be pretty pissed.

Clouporjaggedbatteryholder ClouporSecuritySealBrokenal

The battery holder looks like it was modified to fit in this box rather than being made specifically to fit in the box. See the jagged edges. It looks like they sawed it off with a rusty wood saw. The security sticker on the right wasn’t even on the box until I mashed in onto it. Make sure to click on these images to see what I mean.

ClouporInside3 ClouporInside4


The insides with the cover still on it. on the right, you can see that note to remind you not to put the battery in the wrong way.


All I can say here is, “Whuuu?”. Is this a super secret serial number etched inside my cover?

ClouporGunky Clouporinside

Here are the money shots… the guts.

ClouporDisplay Clouporlocked

Just some photos of the display.

My 1st Impression

My 1st Impression is… Wow! I am impressed. Really. I was so setup for disappointment that I am so happy to be impressed. The looks are nice, except for a couple dings. The feel is hard to describe but I was expecting it to feel bigger in my hand.


Just like the MVP 2.0, it’s much smaller than it looks like in photos. It’s a hair shorter than the MVP 2.0, a bit wider and deeper than the MVP.

Either way, well worth $75! Even if I only get a few months out of it, it’s worth it. I can always use the box to build something else.

Hang tight a week or two and I will bring you a complete review.


  1. That is a killer looking color. The photos are great. They show the detail well but they also show imperfections good too. There are a lot of those.