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Cloud Alchemist Full Juice Line Review

Premium E-liquid by Cloud Alchemist

Bacchus With ample amounts of wild blueberries in the mix, Cloud Alchemist has managed to completely avoid the bitter, medicinal overtones that commonly accompany tart blueberry flavors. The whipped cream and clover honey flavor is expertly balanced to compliment the berries, adding a lush, velvety mouthfeel and a smooth, rich creaminess that gives the juice a bit more body and an overall full, well-rounded profile. This juice also has a very wide range when it comes to the sweet spot.
Estival Perfect on a hot summer day. The refreshing flavor of summer melon with the airy touch of strawberry, apricot, and coconut. The flavors are seamlessly intertwined, creating a well-balanced blend of sweet, tart, and cool. A blend that is remarkably refreshing and exceedingly appealing. As far as being an all-day vape, if you’re a fruit juice lover, this one is a no-brainer.
Arrakis Whats present in the profile is similar to an Italian style tobacco with its aroma and fragrant quality, which allows the spotlight to be placed quite definitively on the cardamom and clove.
Glacialis Menta
This flavor blends with menthol for a wonderful vape.  The bold mixture is highlighted by frosty spearmint, cool peppermint, silky vanilla, and delicate cream. It’s a little difficult to characterize the flavor, but in case you haven’t attempted it, don’t hesitate. Great mint flavor and loads of vapor. A special take on a classic! Smooth throat hit.
Proserpina The sweet, intense strawberry-banana is nicely complimented by a dragonfruit note that brings along that subtle tropical, almost bubble-gum like the tone that I am personally a very big fan of. While strawberry and banana are two flavors that seem to go hand in hand, these two particular versions, on their own, have the potential to come off sweet and it compliments the dragonfruit beautifully and makes for an overall vape that is mouth-watering.

The strawberry used by Cloud Alchemist here is rich, but not overbearing. The Strawberry is met on the inhale by a creamy, nutty like vanilla-almond flavor that adds body and depth to the vape, lending the profile a more satisfying tone and a difficult to define the sense of structure and texture.

Acer Dulcia

One of the Fruit Collections greatest accomplishments. This juice is sweet, tangy, and epic.  The fresh apple really sets this one off.  Smells just like a green apple! it has the sweet and the sour, with the instantly recognizable apple flavor, with a refreshingly cool exhale. you can feel the maple, walnut, and sweetness when you inhale, and you get enraptured in the full body green apple when you start to exhale.

Promised Land

The vape opens with the sweet flavor of honey that is exquisite. What really helps to set this juice apart from other cinnamon mixes, is the unexpected addition of a crisp apple which helps to cut through some of the sweetness from the other components and add a subtle sense of sophistication and smoothness.

Macer Menta

The flavors that are involved in this ejuice are a crisp peppermint layered with dark chocolate cookie ejuice which is complex and plentiful. Peppermint and chocolate come together brilliantly to trick your senses that you actually daydream eating a cookie instead of vape-liquid.  This lovely blend works without overpowering the senses.

Flavoring at Cloud Alchemist

Flavoring used in Cloud Alchemist e-liquids is  20pg/80vg  &  50pg/50vg

The overall flavor of Cloud Alchemists e-liquids will change considerably over the first 48 hours after being opened for the first time. Recommended storage for Cloud Alchemist opened or sealed e-liquids is in a dark cool place (not refrigerated). High heat and direct exposure to sunlight will affect the flavors and the overall consistency. All Cloud Alchemist liquids require some time for ‘steeping’, especially on higher VG mixes.

Cloud Alchemists digital dispensing equipment is accurate to 0.01 ml. For example, 12 mg (1.2%) is exactly that, so if you’re used to watered-down nicotine/e-liquids, you might find that Cloud Alchemist liquids have a bit of a kick to them!

About Cloud Alchemist

Cloud Alchemist is a leading Washington e-liquid brand that has been in the e-juice making business since 2015. They produce some of the best flavored and full bodied vapes available. Their main focus is on quality, not quantity. Cloud Alchemist’s mission is to deliver only the best and premium quality e-liquid at a reasonable price. They take great pride in their products and only sell or recommend what they themselves would personally use.