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Choosing the Right e Liquid Tank

Nice! You discovered and started vaping eCigs.

So we wish that you already started out thinking that Vaping is really simple.

Then you learned about Tanks, Mods, Milligrams, Voltage, Cartos, VG, PG, Coils, Wattage,  and eLiquid.

Not so simple anymore and what it is the priority list to know all of the above.To get better results out of your vaping gear, it is very important to choose the right tank for your vape that will not only match your device but will also suit your vaping needs.

When you purchase a vaporizer kit, it will most likely come with a battery, an eLiquid tank, a mouthpiece and some type of charging cable. The most important component that will most likely be sticking with you for the long haul is the battery and charger. This is why it’s important to understand the different types of tanks and order a few backups with your starter kit so you don’t get stuck without!

Tank-based vaporizer:

A tank-based vaporizer has a large tank that you fill from a bottle before placing it inside the atomizer unit. The atomizer has a small nozzle that goes into a hole at the bottom of the tank, allowing liquid to drip down into the atomizer’s reservoir as you use the vaporizer. Tank-based vaporizers are highly convenient, and some tanks hold enough e-liquid to last for a day or more depending on your usage pattern.

The battery must fit the tank and for this, you will need to check the thread size of your battery, most new products on the market are working with the 510 thread size but some older models use 601 or various others. You can find this information either on your product’s box or manual under the “Additional Information” tab on the bottom of the page next to the product description. The tanks that are available in the market hold a few variable capacity which can hold 1 mL to the Innokin Prism T-22 to 4.5 mL.

Disposable Vs. Rebuildable

You will notice pretty quickly that there are some chambers that are all inclusive, usually made out of plastic or acrylic and some that are made up of heavy duty hardware such as glass and stainless steel that can be completely disassembled and reassembled. Both tanks will provide a great vaping experience for an allotted period of time before it will need either total replacement or specific parts to be exchanged. This is mostly a decision based on personal preference but we can explain a few differences.

Disposable tanks are high quality at a low price point and usually offer more color options for the user. These tanks usually house wicks that absorb the liquid and bring it to the heater to be heated and then pulled as vapor through the mouthpiece. The acrylic can scratch and after an extended period, some of the graphics on the tank can become faded or come off, however it is extremely difficult to break these tanks. Usually, by the time this happens, it will be time to replace the tank. After 6 months passes a disposable tank should be changed regardless of use. This will ensure that you don’t have a burning taste due to the wicks going bad.

Rebuildable tanks are made out of high-grade materials made to last giving users the option to keep the product and change out parts as they go out. At cape vaping supplies they have a few models that are made of glass and stainless steel that feature a Cartomizer or tank and a heater. The glass Cartomizers are wickless with a bottom coil, letting the liquid drip into the heater on the bottom and pulled back up through the mouthpiece. Glass and metal make the product strong and scratch resistant, however, there is the chance that if dropped it can shatter.

These tanks are usually longer lasting than the disposable tanks and are priced just a little higher due to this feature. When you can see the battery is working but you aren’t getting any vapor, it is time to change out the heater; check out the Rebuildable dripping atomizer at cape vape of replacement heaters. When there is vapor but it is tasting burnt or reasonably lower in flavor or vapor production it is most likely the Cartomizer that needs to be changed.

Whatever you prefer vape in the cape guarantee you the best vaporizer products and premium e-juices like bigfindeal ejuice at cape vaping supplies at the lowest prices!