CBD for Dogs and Cats - Everything You Should Know
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CBD for Dogs and Cats – Everything You Should Know

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It refers to a chemical compound or a cannabinoid that is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of the cannabis plant. Over the years, CBD has proven to be a useful treatment option for many mental and physical health issues including anxiety, pain, stress, and so much more. 

Many people often confuse CBD for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is also a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. CBD unlike THC is not psychoactive, meaning that you will not get high when you take CBD. Just make sure to get legal CBD products that guarantee that they contain less than 0.3% of THC.

How Does CBD Work For Dogs and Cats

The CBD product you take and the CBD product designed for dogs and cats are quite different. One major difference would be that the concentration of CBD has been brought down enough to suit the animal’s size and weight. Other than that, it is still the same CBD. 

Both Dogs and Cats have an endocannabinoid system in their structure just like you do. This system is made up of endocannabinoid cells that serve as receptors or signalling molecules. Their primary role is to tell the body’s system what the brain wants to get done. They send these instructions to the immune system and major organs. By doing this, the endocannabinoid system can regulate and control imbalances such as anxiety, pain, digestion problems, immune responses, stress, inflammation, and many others.

CBD for Dogs and Cats - Everything You Should Know

When you give your dog or cat a recommended CBD dosage, the CBD content does the same thing; it is passed into the bloodstream and begins to deliver on its many benefits. 

How To Use CBD for My Dog or Cat?

There are many forms of CBD-related products on the market. Today, manufacturer’s like Penelope’s Bloom specially craft CBD products for dogs and cats in varying forms. They have CBD Oil Tincture Dogs and Cats, CBD balms, and CBD treats. How to use them depends on you and your pets CBD requirement and preference. Let’s talk about the different forms and how you can use them for your dog or cat.

  • CBD Tinctures

A high-quality CBD tincture has little to no taste and no odor, and it comes with a dropper bottle. In general, CBD tinctures serve as a great way to administer CBD to your furry friend since you can give an accurate dosage, it has a high bioavailability and rapid effect. 

CBD for Dogs and Cats - Everything You Should Know

To give your dog or cat a CBD tincture, you just take the recommended dosage into the dropper and squeeze into the animal’s mouth – easier said than done for most pets. Just make sure that you aim properly into its mouth to avoid gagging. 

CBD tinctures can also be added to food and water if placing it directly is not a possibility.

  • CBD Balms

These are great when talking about targeted relief, and they are particularly used for treating skin issues like dry skin, chapped elbows or paws. It can also be used to treat digestive issues. CBD balms are simple to apply and sometimes soothing to the animal. 

Once you have located the affected area, you simply clean the area of excess dust and debris. Then, with a soft cloth or your hand, apply a generous amount of the CBD balm onto that area and massage until it is completely absorbed. 

  • CBD Treats

Of Course, your dog or cat will not say no to a delicious treat. Just from the name, you should already know how to use this form of CBD for your dog or cat. CBD treats act just like the edible version of CBD since they are first digested. They have a relatively low bioavailability since the CBD passes through the stomach and liver before it is absorbed into the bloodstream, and they also take a longer time before the effects start rolling in. 

Is CBD Safe for My Dog or Cat?

Short answer, Yes! CBD is safe for your dog or cat. Just make sure to talk to a veterinarian so you and your furry friend can get the best results. 

Also, make sure to source your CBD pet products from a reputable manufacturer. A good place to start is Penelope’s Bloom, they offer amazing CBD pet products at affordable prices.