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Calling Alabama Vapers! Let Orange Beach Know!

Back in early May, reported that Orange Beach was looking to ban e-cigarettes in public places. The city council was set to vote on May 20th, but luckily it was put off and they expect to resume talks in June. The scary part of this is that the council members are making statements like this:

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[quote author=”Councilman Al Bradley”]We’ve all been overwhelmed and the research is three-feet thick, I need to read it to make sure that this is the right thing. My gut says it is.[/quote]

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Are we passing state and federal laws on gut feelings these days? I guess so.

This law will hit home for me since we take vacations in that area. We normally vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama which is side by side on the Gulf of Mexico with Orange Beach. We go to restaurants in Orange Beach and I almost got a tattoo at an Orange Beach tattoo shop last visit. The tattoo shop owner told me that their local officials are trying to push tattoo shops out of the area too. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that Orange Beach is trying to become an elitist’s vacation spot.

The plans to vote on an e-cig ban came on the heels of the FDA’s announcement in late April. When the news was posted on, they included a poll and the results show almost 65%  of the 480 votes are against the ban.

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[quote author=” Poll”]Out of 480 votes on an readers’ poll, 308 — or 64.17 percent — were against the city modifying its existing smoking ordinance to include “alternative smoking devices,” such as hookahs, e-cigarettes or any other electronic device that typically uses a battery and a heating element to produce a vapor of nicotine with other chemicals and flavorings. [/quote]

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Orange Beach residents and visitors are safe for now, but time is running out. Make sure to let Orange Beach officials know what you think. I let them know via Twitter that I’m going to stay on my side of the beach from now on!

Be Courteous and Vape on!