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Bomb Sauce – Ecto Plasm E-Liquid Review



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E-Liquid Company: Big Bank Electronic Cigarettes – Bomb Sauce

E-Liquid Flavor: Ecto Plasm

Available Options: 15ml, 30ml, or 50ml bottles. You can get it in 0mg, 4mg, 8mg, 16mg, or 24mg strengths. There are no PG/VG Ratio options available. The ratio is not indicated on the bottle so I will assume it’s 50/50.

Reviewed Option: I vaped a 15 ml bottle @ 16mg.

Price: $13.98 for a 30ml bottle and $7.99 for a 15ml bottle.

Where did I get mine? I purchased from Ikonic Vapor for approximately $10 for a 15ml bottle.

Where can you get yours? Big Bank Electronic Cigarettes


Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!!

The cap is green, the liquid is a greenish-yellow color, but it’s definitely not something a ghost spit at me.

Bomb Sauce’s Ecto Plasm is a hot seller at my local B&M and I had to give this one a try. This is one of the 1st rounds of juices I purchased when I started vaping. I just filled up a Nautilus with the last of my 2nd 15ml bottle of Ecto Plasm. Will it be my last bottle?


Ecto Plasm is a light, citrus flavor that is quite unique. I get a lemon lime flavor, but it’s not like Sprite or Seven Up, it’s more like a kids drink flavor. It’s really tough to describe.

The taste was consistent no matter which tank I used to vape it. I’ve vaped Ecto Plasm in a Aspire Nautilus, Apsire BDC, and in the Kangertech Protank 3 with a DNA 30 device, eGo Style batteries, and my Sigelei 20w. The flavor didn’t change much from setup to setup.

Flavor Accuracy

Big Bank Electronic Cigarettes describes Ecto Plama with a long story about Paul the Ghost.

We are no strangers to odd noises and bumps in the night around here. These are almost always easily explained away as the results of someone tinkering with a new machine or an out-of-control genetic experiment or the zombie we keep in a crate downstairs. Normal research type stuff. When we started noticing more unusual things (doors opening on their own, the microwave clock showing the proper time, a shadowy figure standing in the corner introducing himself as “Paul the Ghost”) we figured a proper investigation was in order. After several days and a fortune spent with the best supernatural-phenomenon-detecting machinery available, we made a shocking discovery. We had a ghost, and his name was Paul. It turns out Paul had walked into the wrong test room one day when this building was still owned by Sharp Things Moving Quickly, INC. After offering our condolences, we tasted Paul (naturally) and found a sweet citrus taste mixed with forgotten dreams and a hollow eternity. We’ve managed to isolate the good parts into this blended citrus flavor that has a sweet finish. Unlike Paul.
I can agree with them, it’s a citrus flavor but I can’t really tell you what’s in it. Some that I’ve talked with that have tried this juice say they get a lemon flavor fairly strong, but for me, I can’t isolate that flavor. It’s a unique citrus flavor that I really can’t describe any other way than good, yet unique.

Throat Hit

At 16mg, the throat hit was pretty weak. Even with nice long pulls, there was very little throat hit.

Bottle and Label

The bottle is made from the soft plastic that I actually prefer. It has a nice tip that fits well into tanks for easy filling. I have no complaints or extra praise for the bottle.

On the other hand, I really do not dig the label. I hear that they have new labels, but I do have problems with this one. Let me preface this with the fact that I really want to see all juice makers getting ahead of regulations. Start using labels that have information that the FDA is most likely going to ask for.

The main issue I have with the label is doesn’t tell you much period. I have the name of the juice, the company’s name, and the strength. There is another label that looks like an afterthought added to the bottle that serves as a warning that the juice contains nicotine and to keep away from children and pets. No Made in the USA, no ingredients, and it doesn’t tell me the pg/vg ratio.


You can’t argue with the value. If you order it from the maker, the price is more than fair. If you have a B&M that carries the Bomb Sauce line of juices, you’ll likely pay more, but you have the convenience of having it there when you need it and you won’t have to worry about shipping.

Anyhow, at $13.98 for a 30ml bottle and $7.99 for a 15ml bottle, you can’t go wrong.


It’s a good juice but not one of my favs. I can’t vape it consistently, but a couple of sessions in a row are ok for me. I am not sure I will purchase another bottle right now. There are just so many other flavors out there that I prefer. On the other hand, I have yet to taste another flavor with a similar profile yet. It’s pretty unique. There are other flavors from the same company that I prefer. The Void is one of them!

If you are a fan of citrus flavors, It’s worth trying.  The value is good and the flavor is good.

Bottom Line: Wonderful taste and a great flavor to mix up your taste buds for a bit, but it’s not an all day vape for me.

[note color=”#eeee22″]Everyone has different tastes, these are my own opinions. Not everyone is going to taste a flavor the same.[/note]