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Blu Pro Kit – A Step Up From Cig-a-Likes

Back in March, blu eCigs, a company owned by Lorillard, Inc, purchased Skycig. Skycig was one of the leading eCigarette companies in the UK and they are taking on the blu eCig name but keeping with their own line of products, for now. 

I am not a fan of blu or any eCig company owned by big tobacco, but I like what I am seeing on their UK site. On the UK site, there is a “blu Pro Kit” but I can’t find anything on the US blu eCig site. I guess it was a product Skycig that was developed before blu bought them out. The UK version of the cig-a-likes have the blu logo with by SKYCIG underneath. The battery on this “blu Pro Kit” just has the plain blu eCig logo.

prokit500x500 prokit_outofbox

The kit comes with the following:

  • 950mah (90mm) blu Pro Battery Finished in matt black and tipped with our iconic blu triangle, the blu e-cig tanks come with our 950mah (90mm) powerhouse Pro Battery for maximum time between charges.
  • blu Pro Clearomiser – Engineered to enhance your vaping experience. Our clearomiser’s coil is placed in the base to ensure it’s always covered in e-liquid, producing a better and more consistent taste.
  • blu Safe Charge USB Cable – Created exclusively for use with blu Pro Batteries, this cable ensures a safe charge and gives you peace of mind.
  • 10ml bottle blu Bold (18mg) Classic Tobacco E-Liquid

The price is £19.99 which translates to approximately $35 US Dollars. Not too shabby really. It’s basically an eGo starter kit with the blu eCig logo on it. 

You can add-on extra e-liquid, extra batteries, and tanks at checkout as well. The flavors that the blu UK site have listed are ClassicTobacco, Menthol, NRG (with taurine), Cherry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Tobacco Gold, Rich tobacco, and Vanilla.

Not too shabby of a kit to be honest.

I think this is a move that big tobacco and companies that only sell cig-a-likes will have to make at some point. I realize that a large percentage of the millions of people vaping are using cig-a-likes and cheaper eGo style kits, but I think that, if the market continues on the course its on, we’ll see more and more vapers leaving cig-a-likes behind. Why not get ahead of it and offer your current customers a path for upgrade. It looks like blu eCigs is doing just that. It’s a really smart move in my opinion.