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Beware: E-Juice with the FDA Logo Popping Up

Be careful vapers, there’s some shady e-liquids out there!

We’re already aware of some shady juices coming from China with some bad ingredients, but now the clone market is taking a turn for the worse. There are juices popping up with the FDA logo and fake numbers trying to make users think that they are FDA approved. Not good. Not good at all.



An Orlando news station did a story on e-cigarettes recently and check out local vape stores. All of them seemed to be on the up and up, but they visited a local flea market and found a vendor selling e-liquids claiming with the FDA logo on the bottles. Check out the video here.

An investigation by Local 6  found e-cigarette shops in Altamonte Springs and Winter Park were only selling flavored e-juice with or without nicotine, from the United States and the United Kingdom.

During a random check of e-juice products Local 6 found no implied government approval or labels at any shop or mall kiosk selling e-cigarettes.

Every owner we spoke to refused to sell the equipment or e-juice to minors.

Be careful Vapers, only buy juice from reputable makers. You don’t know what’s in these imported juices.

This doesn’t look good. These types of sellers are hurting our image in my opinion. What do you think?

Source: ClickOrlando via VU