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Best Regulated Mods Review

If you have been doing research into electronic cigarettes or vaping, you have more than likely come across something called a MOD. They go by many different names including a vape mod. Some of them are electronic, having internal circuitry, the ones that you find on most electronic cigarettes today. To understand which one is right for you, it comes down to personal experience.

Mechanical Mods vs. Regulated Mods

Before we go on, a few more distinctions need to be made about these devices. Regulated mods are those that are electric, coming with a computer processor inside and circuitry which can show you exactly what is going on. They have automatic shut off switch is to make sure that the device does not burn out, or that you do not use too much of the battery throughout the day.

These also have variable voltage and wattage, giving you the ability to adjust how much vapor you get. If you were to, for instance, hold power on too long to get an extra-long vapor, you won’t have to worry about the battery being depleted, or burning out the system because it is safeguarded to protect against these types of incidents.

Smoant Battlestar 200W TC Box Mod

Traditionally, the electronic cigarette mods and kits come packed in a very uniquely designed box. In the case of the Smoant Battlestar 200W, TC Box Mod along with the other products of Smoant come inside an ergonomic and compact designed which is comfortable to carry around with several color options.

The device is a stand out from the crowd piece already with its dual 18650 battery device that produces up to 200 watts of power. In the case of the regular mode, the battery is present in place with a spacer, while on the other hand, the contact point is on the switch that is raised when the user pushes the button. It is then as the mod fires, that the bottom switch contacts the point on the negative part of the battery.The  MOD features all latest and traditional voltage, wattage, temperature output and latest temperature control large OLED screen showing resistance with a light indicator.

Eleaf iStick TC 40W Temperature Control Mod

iStick 30W is updated based on iSitck technology through exploring the range of voltage and wattage. Under the variable capacity support of 2200mAh battery, it will provide the greatest experience between 5W-30W.  More ever, the newly added lock functionality button protects and prolong the buttons service life. iStick 30W is the one you deserve to own.

It allows you to vape between 100º to 315ºC  in temperature control mode between 0.05ohm and 1ohm.

iJOY MAXO Quad Box Mod

The latest iJoy is the Maxo Quad, introducer of quadruple 18650 batteries box mod on the market.The iJoy Maxo Quad Box Mod is a hybrid mod plus tank in one super compact box mod. It has a maximum 160W output powered by a built-in four 18650 batteries. This mod is built in a glass tank with a 5.5ml capacity that uses replaceable Joyetech CS atomizer coil heads. It’s a very compact all-in-one mod, and I’m sure there’s a market out there for this device.

This mod provides you with temperature control options for Titanium Nickel, and Stainless Steel, and operates with resistances as 0.06 – 3ohm.

It includes a lot of features such as IWEPAL chip on board, large stainless steel firing button, a 0.91 Inch display, micro USB port for firmware upgrades, lockable battery doors,  and also provides you with the flexibility to use a different variety of coils for an incredible vapor and flavor experience.

Where to Buy

Now that you know the difference between electronic and mechanical mods, along with the different type of vaping experiences that you can expect, you may want to upgrade to what the advanced expert vaping professionals, so to speak, are using. They use a mechanical mod to get the most vapor every time. You can try many of the other ones, but never buy a regulated mod from anywhere other than a reputable online vape shop. 180smoke.ca is one of the reputed online vape stores that has all the latest mods, atomizers, e-liquid and accessories, and they offer them at affordable prices. Furthermore, the vape shop has gained popularity among the vaping community as being an all-in-one superstore for authentic vaping products.