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Beautiful Handmade Glass Tanks

I saw a photo retweeted by someone I follow I Twitter and thought that it was too good not to share!


This photo was tweeted by Zapp Ecigs and retweeted by aNG (Vapeladies_). I decided to look into these a little further.

Unfortunately, Zapp Ecigs’ website wouldn’t pull up properly for me, so I contacted them to find out more. They are in Europe so I don’t think I will be able to order one from them, but for anyone that can, they look like a great addition to anyone’s vape gear collection.

Here is the information they passed along to me.

We have the following tanks available :

  • VAPE MY DAY (clint eastwood)

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All have straight drip tips.

  • Height 1.455 in /36.97 mm
  • Diameter 1.025 in / 26.05 mm
  • Wall Thickness 0.155 in / 3.96 mm
  • E-Liquid Capacity 6.5 – 7.0 ml
  • Construction Hand Made from Borosilicate Glass
  • Cartomizer Length 50mm XL

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  • One Glass Tank
  • One Glass Drip Tip
  • Two End Caps
  • One Cartomizer

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Here is one review I found on it:

“These tanks are uniform, smooth, and polished with attention to detail in every aspect. Quality and craftsmanship is top notch, and look great. But how do they perform? Not a single leak! Not only are these big tanks that hold a large amount of e-liquid, they contain it without leaking no matter what orientation it’s in. I tested this tank upright, upside down, and on its side for long periods of time, without a single drop of e-liquid escaping.”

tanks2  tanks3

I took this information and started doing a little digging and it seems like, and I might be wrong, these are the work of Jared Dreessen of jRad Melts. I found an interview with Jared on as well as a review of his tanks. I dug around on Reddit and found some very similar photos to the ones that Zapp Ecigs posted. The links to his store are to a dead Etsy store.

No matter who made them, I wanted to share their beauty!

If you are interested in getting one of these, contact Zapp Ecigs via their website, Facebook, or Twitter. I might add links later for US buyers if I can get confirmation.

Thanks for sharing Zapp Ecigs. These are so cool looking.


  1. I actually have a Jrad melts drip tip and it was he and I that came up with the Boondock saint motif. I met Jrad through the Esty website he use to have and let me tell you that man has skills! I just gave him an ‘idea’ and he created a masterpiece. Not to mention he gave me a matching BD Saints juice bottle. (And a necklace charm). You WILL NOT be disappointed! He takes care of his customers and he’s not happy until you are (and YOU WiLL be happy,) so if you can get his works of art couple with his one on one….well let’s just say I have the Mona lisa of a tank!!