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Bavarian Cream by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Bavarian Cream is one of the best-selling vape juices in the Atomic Dog Vapor range. Do you love creamy treats? If then you have to try Bavarian Cream vape juice by Atomic Dog Vapor with the amazing flavor of creamy vanilla custard. It is a perfect all day vape for vapers with sweet tooth cravings. However, Atomic Dog Vapor has taken remarkable efforts to bring the real taste of Bavarian Cream into this vape juice. The pleasant taste of this vanilla cream vape juice certainly tickle your taste buds and take your sweet tooth for a heavenly ride.

Bavarian Cream by Atomic Dog Vapor is a well-balanced blend of creamy vanilla custard flavors. It is not too sweet and none of the flavors are overpowering. You will get a steady sweet taste during both inhale and exhale. Also, you will not feel any difference in flavor profile when you change the vaping wattage. You will feel the specialty of Bavarian Cream from the first hit itself. It will never make you tired even if you vape all day long. 

Bavarian Cream vape juice is made with high-quality ingredients obtained from the US market. E-liquids from Atomic Dog Vapor only contains a few ingredients such as vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavoring. No extra additives or extenders will not be used in Atomic Dog Vapor products. You will get any odd taste of chemicals while vaping using any of their vape juices.

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio in Bavarian Cream is remarkable and the same as in all premium-quality vape juices. It contains 70% VG and 30% PG. This vape juice has a thick consistency due to the higher VG level. However, it is easy on coils and will not damage your coil faster because of the quality of VG used. The VG/PG ratio in this e-liquid provides you will quality flavor and huge chunks of vapors. Bavarian Cream is compatible with all vaping devices available in the market. For those who prefer low wattage vaping, sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA’s) are recommended.

Bavarian Cream comes in varied nicotine strengths for the customers to choose from. You can choose either 24mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg, and 0mg nicotine strengths based on your preference. This vape juice offers a smooth throat hit even at higher nicotine concentrations. You will not feel any charring or burning sensation on your throat. You can buy this amazing vape juice in different bottle sizes – 30ml and 124ml. All the bottles come with a safety information label and tamper-proof. A 30ml bottle of Bavarian Cream can be purchased from as cheap as $8.99 while a 124ml bottle cost $14.99. The company offers fast delivery services all over the United States through USPS. Now, you can avail of a special discount by applying discount code while purchasing e-liquids. Use the Discount Code: JUICE15 and get 15% off on your Juice order from Atomic Dog Vapor. This offer valid till 10/30/20 only.