Banana Ice Flavbar V2 Disposable Pod Pen by FLAVBAR Review
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Banana Ice Flavbar V2 Disposable Pod Pen by FLAVBAR Review

With the Banana Ice Flavbar V2 disposable pod pen, you can say goodbye to assembling your device wrongly, forgetting to recharge, or even spilling your ejuice while trying to refill your e juice tank. This simplicity is ideal whether you are new to vaping or you are a veteran. 


FLAVBAR is the name of the manufacturer behind these disposable vape devices that have come to stay in the vaping market. The company is uniquely qualified to take on the responsibility of creating high-quality disposable pod pens like this Banana Ice Flavbar V2. This is thanks to the combined experience as flavorist, engineers, designers, and business experts. 

In today’s vape market, Flavbar presents two exceptional disposable vape devices that promise something for both beginners and experienced vapers alike. They have the Flavbar V1 and the Flavbar V2 which is an upgraded version of the Flavbar V1. All of the items used in the manufacture of their vape devices are paid and made by Flavbar. The company makes sure to not outsource any single thing to guarantee you a level of quality and sophistication. 

If you are still considering giving them a try, you should read on to know why the Flavbar disposable pod pen device may just be worth the shot.

Design and Build

The major difference between the Banana Ice Flavbar V2 and the other Flavbar V2’s is simply the ejuice flavor profile. Other than that, they all share the same form factor and build design. From first glance, you would appreciate the sleek and attractive nature of the Banana Ice Flavbar V2 pod pen. It sports a bright yellow cylindrical chassis, kind of like the color of ripe bananas. The color of the chassis of the Flavbar V2 differs depending on the ejuice flavor. 

The Cylindrical form factor lends the Flavbar an ergonomic feel, making it easy and comfortable for you to hold it in your hand when you want to take a drag and to easily slip the device into your pocket or bag when you want to carry it along with you. 

Banana Ice Flavbar V2 Disposable Pod Pen by FLAVBAR Review

All of the components of the device are housed within the cylindrical chassis, and you cannot detach any part of it. On the body of the device are the “Flavbar” logo, the ejuice flavor, the nicotine percentage, and a pronounced black duck-billed mouthpiece. The mouthpiece of the device sports the duck-billed shape that makes it comfortable when you place it in your lips for a drag. Since the device uses a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism, you just need to place the mouthpiece in your mouth and take a nice long draw. As a result, there is no need for any buttons or switches on the body. All you have is a streamlined chassis with no obstructions when you hold it in your hand.

Inside of the device is a 3.0ml non-refillable ejuice tank, much larger than the Flavbar V1, and a generous amount of ejuice when compared to many other disposable e-cigs on the market. Together with the generous ejuice tank is a whooping 650mAh inbuilt non-rechargeable battery. Together, they can guarantee you up to 1000puffs which is equivalent to more than 2 packs of cigarettes. This means that you will be vaping the Banana Ice Flavbar V2 for a long time. Once you are done with your ejuice, you can simply dispose of the unit and pick up another one. 

Flavor Profile

Banana Ice Flavbar V2 is specifically formulated for vapers who love a nice fruity icy blend when they vape. If this is you then you will love this ejuice mixture. Banana Ice is a replica of an actual sweet banana milkshake but with a dab of icy menthol. On the unhale, the soft ripeness of the banana flavor floods over your taste buds, giving you a fruity explosion like none other. On the exhale, you can expect to sit back and bask in the risk of chilly menthol as all the vapor leaves your mouth. 

Banana Ice Flavbar V2 Disposable Pod Pen by FLAVBAR Review

Nicotine Concentration

In every Flavbar V2, including this Banana Ice version, you are rewarded with a generous 5% (50MG) salt nicotine formula present in the ejuice blend. This high level of nicotine is no doubt going to deliver you strong throat hits on every drag, but thanks to the proprietary salt nicotine, you can expect to enjoy smooth throat hits without any irritation or harshness in your throat. This is only possible with salt nicotine. 


Banana Ice Flavbar V2 disposable pod pen is one your taste buds would never get tired of, especially if you are a lover of good fruity blends. Every drag is a memorable one, then crown that up with the generous serving of salt nicotine that rewards you with cigarette-like throat hits, and you are good to go no matter where you are.

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