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Authentic Mutation X & Doomsday from VaporDNA

I don’t read a lot of the bulk email I get but this one caught my attention. I was a member of the VaporDNA affiliate program and now I am on their mailing list. I do not employ affiliate links here on myVaporSite so I am not sharing these for that purpose. I just thought both of them were worth sharing.



This one looks like it’s taking advantage of the #NOTACLONE tag and the whole Amerivape debacle. They are advertising affordability and USA made. Doomsday, “End of Clone”.

The Doomsday First Batch was a huge sold out! Now the second batch is here! The second batch has slight upgrade in material used, results in a more brushed look! The Doomsday “End of Clone” is a game changer in the entire vaping industry due to its price point, build quality and conductivity. It is also the tip of the spear, ushering in the era of “The End of Clones”!

At $120 it’s really close to an impulse buy number. Considering that vape shops sometimes sells clones for $50-70, an extra $50 gets you an authentic that doesn’t look too bad. In fact, I really love the looks of this one. Simple, stainless steel design. Something I really love.

Product Features:

  • Made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Huge Copper Top and Bottom Pin For Maximum Conductivity!
  • The Spring Loaded Firing Button is super smooth
  • Fully adjustable top pin so fit most of your 510 atomizers
  • Beautiful engraving on the bottom of the mod
  • Super simple, elegant, and screams for quality!
  • Made In USA

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You can get the Doomsday at for $120.o0

Mutation X


This one looks like a Frankenstein RDA, a little of this and a little of that. It looks like a cross between a Mephisto (posts) and a TOBH (deep juice well) with a top cap that looks just like the ones that Cloudchasers, inc is putting out with the 18 holes drilled diagonally.

According to the write-up on VaporDNA, it’s an original from a US company called Indulgence. They also look to be taking advantage of the USA and #NotaClone movement. Marketing is Marketing.

Want Originality? Airflow? Deep Juice? Affordability? Meet Mutation X! This RDA has 9 airflow holes on each side and it’s adjustable! Blowing gigantic cloud has never been easier!

Product Features:

  • Made out of Stainless Steel Construction
  • SS center post with SS screws
  • 18 air holes in total to have more than sufficient air travel through your coils
  • Adjustable Air-flows cyclops style
  • Deep Juice Well
  • Huge Post Holes
  • Top Heat Sink to disburse heat more quickly
  • Negative Posts are milled to the deck for max conductivity and rigidity
  • Comes with a matching drip tip
  • 22mm in diameter
  • clean no logo form factor around the body of the RDA
  • Great for doing dual coil builds
  • Original & Affordable
  • Designed In USA

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Grab the Mutation X for $24.99 at