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Aspire Nautilus Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) Comparision

I plan on writing a review on the Aspire Nautilus Mini soon, but I decided to do a quick comparison between the Aspire Nautilus BVC coils and the regular Nautilus coils.

BVC vs BDC or Bottom Vertical Coil vs Bottom Dual Coil

What’s the difference?

The difference between the BVC and BDC is the coil configuration. The BDC is a bottom dual coil configuration. There are two coils that are perpendicular but not touching in the dual coil setup. In the BVC coil, there is a single coil and it’s in there vertical.


The BDC is on the left and you can see one of the coils with wicking material around it. The BVC is on the right and it has a round piece of mesh in the way of seeing the vertical coil.


I pulled the pin and insulator from the bottom of the BVC could and tried to remove the vertical coil intact, but was unsuccessful. Here’s the result. It unwrapped it as I pulled it out.


Update: Dimitris was able to get the coil out intact in his video. Here’s a screenshot.


Other than the logo difference on the base of the coils, I can’t tell a difference. The threading and size look exact. The insulator on the BVC seems to be a little bit bigger. I was able to use a BVC coil in the full size Nautilus, making it perform better and I was able to use the BDC in the Nautilus Mini.


The main difference is taste and vapor production, but taste is all I care about. The taste with the BVC is superior. I don’t really know how, but it’s night and evening (rather than day). I am not going to say that the taste or vapor production is better than my Kayfuns or Foggers, but it’s the best tasting replaceable coil I’ve vaped on so far. That’s saying something too. I have recently fallen in love with the Aerotank Mega and Mini and it’s better than them.

I put a new juice (Villain Vapors Tombstone) that I really enjoy in the Nautilus with a 1.8 ohm BDC coil and Nautilus Mini with a 1.8 ohm coil and the flavor was much more pronounced in the Mini. I was able to crank the voltage on my DNA30 device up to 12-13 watts with the Mini and didn’t experience any burnt taste. If I got above 10 watts with the Nautilus, a burnt taste always follows.


Same price. I feel ripped off! The BDC has 2 coils and the BVC has 1. Shouldn’t the BVC cost 1/2 of the BDC? Just kidding.  The price is the same from what I can tell. Element Vape sent me the Nautilus Mini for review, their prices for the BDC and BVC are the same.

The winner?

Well, there’s no contest. The BVC knocks the BDC out in the 1st round, 3 seconds into the round.

I am not really sure how the difference in coil configuration changes it so much, but it does.

I wonder if these will work in the AnyVape tanks? The BDC coils do so there should be no reason why the BVC coils won’t. The BDC and BVC coils are interchangeable between the Nautilus and Nautilus Mini. I am guessing that they will work in the AnyVape tanks. If anyone has tried, let us know!


  1. Having played with the Aspire BDC and BVC it seems like the BDC gums up faster reducing vapor production but I just soak it in a shot glass of 100 proof vodka for a couple of hours to clean it. The BDC and BVC elements are interchangeable in the Aspire CE5 and ET clearomizer (eGo thread batteries). Taste and vapor seem identical but the BVC seems to have an easier draw.