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My Apology to Randye Hoder of Time Magazine

I was browsing Twitter today on my smartphone and came across a tweet by Gregory Conley, an e-cigarette advocate that is quite active on Twitter. He was challenging Your Teen Magazine and Randye Hoder of Time Magazine for articles they have published that are clearly anti-ecig. He was questioning the logic of people that assume that “flavors” target teens by using  flavored vodka as an example. I read the article on Your Teen Magazine and took exception to a couple things and proceeded to send my thoughts out on Twitter. I jumped the gun though, I had not read the Time Magazine article yet. I didn’t even see the link initially. For that, I want to apologize to Randye Hoder. 

I read the Time Magazine article and, as always is the case with Time Magazine, it was was written. It wasn’t bashing the e-cig industry for the “kid targeted” flavors like I assumed. It was targeting the cig-a-like e-cig industry for pushing ads on TV during popular shows for teens. Instead of complaining, she offered suggestions for parenting. She suggested how parents should talk to their teens about the ads and e-cigs.

I suggested in my replies that instead of worrying about the government protecting our kids, that they should try parenting. That’s what Randye was suggesting. I am sorry for jumping the gun. The piece was a good bit of journalism.

I will say that I am not a fan of the advertisements on TV and the sad thing is that those ads are promoting a style of e-cig that I don’t have any love for. I am not 100% sure about it, but I believe the ads you’re seeing on TV are for e-cig companies that are owned by Big Tobacco companies.

OK. Now I have some comments about the Your Teen Magazine article.

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[quote author=”Your Teen Magazine”]E-cigarettes are immune to U.S. tobacco laws (because they don’t have any) and can be purchased without proof of age. Companies have taken advantage of their young market, offering e-cigarettes in a multitude of flavors, like bubble gum, cotton candy, and orange cream soda.[/quote]

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1st of all, there are very few states where kids/teens under the age of 19 can purchase e-cigarettes. In gas stations, they are treated the same as normal cigarettes.

Next, it’s not the e-cigarette companies driving the flavors, it’s the adult market which is target towards 45 million adult smokers. I am one of those 45 million and I have successfully quit smoking now. I am 47 days smoke-free after 27 years of smoking analogs. I tried Wellbutrin, I tried dipping, I tried Nicorette, etc… I failed. E-cigarettes are the only thing that worked for me. If the industry did not have all these “flavors”, I couldn’t have done it. I tried tobacco flavored “flavors” and they are awful. I would have went right back to smoking.

I agree with Greg’s logic. There are flavored vodkas and flavored Nicorette. Where is the outrage for those products?

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[quote author=”Your Teen Magazine”]“About 90 percent of all smokers begin smoking as teenagers,” said Tim McAfee, M.D., M.P.H., director of the CDC Office on Smoking and Health. [/quote]

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I can buy this. I started smoking at 15.

If the government pushes flavors out the windows with their regulations, I won’t be able to vape. I have to have my strawberry, my custards, and my grapes.