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Apollo Valiant Review – Variable Voltage Kit with the Protank 3

In this article, we review the top vape pens Apollo Valiant Kit. The Valiant kit includes a Kanger Pro Tank 3 and a unique 1300mAh variable voltage and variable wattage battery.

About Apollo

Apollo is a California-based vaping and e-cigarette company. They sell mini e-cigs, starter kits, mods and e-liquids on their online store. They also have a UK website and UK based warehouse for quick deliveries across the UK and EU. They also recently launched their Driptonic range of e-liquids which is a Max VG base made specifically for RDAs.

What’s in the Valiant Kit?

1  Valiant 1300mAh battery
1  ProTank 3 Clearomiser
1  10ml Bottle of E-Liquid
1  USB charging cord
1  Comprehensive User’s Manual
1  Vaping Power Chart (to help you calculate voltage/wattage)

Battery Specifications

Automatically recommends/sets voltage and wattage based on connected clearomiser
Variable Voltage from 3.0-6.0V (0.1V increments)
Variable Wattage from 3.0-15.0W (0.5W increments)
Built-in Ohm Meter
Short-circuit and low resistance protection
Displays charge level
Compatible with any 510/eGo clearomiser

Our thoughts on the Valiant Kit

Apollo Valiant Review

This battery is very impressive and comes packed with a lot of features. My initial thoughts when holding it was how incredibly light it is for such a powerful and feature rich battery. It comes with a display at the bottom, that lights up to show either the voltage or wattage you are running it at. You can switch between the two settings by holding down on the + button.

The battery can be used at 3-6V and 3-15W, but do check the provided ohm chart to see what voltage or wattage should be used for the Pro tank 3. When you screw on the tank it will automatically read the ohmage of the tank and show it on the screen. It will automatically adjust the voltage to suit the tank. Ours showed 2 Ohm which according to the ohm chart should be vaped at 3-4V for optimal results. The battery automatically adjusted itself to 3V. Please note that too high a voltage can result in the coil burning out very quickly.

The battery is quite long in length, but incredibly lightweight. At the base of the battery, there is a slot to charge it. The kit comes with a USB charger which you can plug into a laptop or desktop. You can purchase a wall adapter if you want to charge it through the mains.

The battery will last quite a long time and the led screen shows the battery life. This is an awesome feature, as most times you have no idea how much battery life is left in your battery. This way you won’t be running out of battery when you are out and about!

The Kanger Pro Tank 3

The pro tank 3 was one of our first bigger tanks we used. It’s a very easy to use, a robust tank that can hold up to 2.5ml of e-liquid. The big advantage of the Protank is that it is made from glass and steel and hence it is sometimes referred to as a “Glassomizer”. Being made from glass and steel makes it a lot more durable compared to the plastic style clearomizers. This tank will last a long time and the flavor is outstanding. The draw is not too light and not too tight – just right. The coils are also easy to change out and replacements are fairly cheap. Overall this is a great tank for the Valiant variable voltage battery. You’ll need to put the beauty ring on the top of the battery when putting the tank on so it looks nicer.

Vapor Production

The vapor production will depend on what e-liquid you are using and what voltage you are vaping at, but overall the powerful battery and the Pro tank 3, create a good amount of vapor. The kit also came with a 10ml bottle of Apollo e-liquid which was a nice touch. The Apollo e-liquids taste really yummy.

Final Words

The Apollo Valiant Kit is a very neat and impressive and one of the top vape pens in 2017. The battery tank combo is great and we were impressed with the features on this battery and it’s very lightweight.

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