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Anyvape Peakomizer Coming Soon

Anyvape Peakomizer


It looks like the Anyvape Peakomizer will be hitting the market soon. This is a new glass tank system from Anyvape that will launch in 3 different models, the SR007, the SR253, and the SR036. They all look to be similar. but the difference seems to be the construction of the upper portion. The SR007 looks like it might be a solid 1 piece design at the top, but the SR253 an SR036 looks like they will have removable drip tips and top filling.

I’ve been told that the SR253 and SR036 Peakomizer kits will be available this week for wholesale orders. The Peakomizer SR007 kit will be available later and the colored rings for the Adjustable AirFlow will become available next month.

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    Anyvape Peakomizer Diagram

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    Adjustable AirFlow

    peakomizer3_colorsThe Anyvape Peakomizer tanks will have “Adjustable AirFlow” control and it looks like the flow will come from the bottom side. There are 2 holes for each setting, .6 mm, .8 mm, 1.0 mm, and 1.3 mm. In addition to what seems like a pretty strong adjustable system, Anyvape is going to offer replacement rings in 10 colors. The colors are clear (seems like this will be what will come with the initial setup), black, purple, red, green, blue, copper, pink, gold, and grey. This will be a popular feature I believe. Being able to accessorize colors is quite popular with vapers.

    Multiple Coils are Supported

    According to Anyvape, the Peakomizer will work with the Aspire BDC, Protank 3 BDC, Protank 2 BCC, and Aerotank BDC coil heads. That’s good news!

    What will come with the kits?

    • The Peakomizer with an Aspire BDC 1.8 Ω head
    • An Extra Protank BCC 2.2  Ω head
    • An eGo Adapter
    • 6 Spare O-rings
    • An Extra Pyrex glass tube
    • User Manual

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    This seems like it will be a pretty nice tank over all. I am not sure what the price point will be, but will update this post when I find out.

    Update: It seems that you can order from already. I am not sure how quick you could get this to the US, but the price is listed at $39.90/each.

    What do you think?

    Does the Peakomizer sound like something you’re waiting on or do you think the Aspire Nautilus will continue to be your large capacity tank?


    1. When are these companies going to stop flooding the market with these tanks. Release one and let them get out there before releasing another. The color rings do look nice.

    2. Anyvape has been fairly calm at tank releases honestly and really don’t produce a great number of tanks. They are known to push these through the gauntlet prior to release and take their time and it’s usually a good while before they toss out a new design. Kanger on the other hand still boggles my mind because between tanks and coil revisions, you just can’t keep up with what is what.

    3. I feel ya Todd and Randy. I am seeing a lot of new stuff coming. PBusardo was showing some tanks that are identical to the Aerotank line but made cheaper for those that want a more affordable version. Same company, same design, different materials, cheaper price. 🙁