Airis Quaser Concentrates Vaporizer Kit Review
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Airis Quaser Concentrates Vaporizer Kit Review

The Airis Quaser Concentrates Vaporizer is a portable and convenient vaping solution, sporting innovative Qcell technology that maximizes the surface area of the atomizers using a fritted quartz coil that ends up giving you even heating and plenty of rich flavor. The Airis Quaser Vaporizer Kit is all about quality hardware, simplicity, and performance. 

Design and Build

Measuring 128.5mm x 11mm x 11mm, this is a slim and sleek pen-style vape device that is just one or two millimeters wider than a standard vape pen. You can comfortably hold the device in your hand while vaping. You can also keep it in your pocket or bag without any hassle, all thanks to its size and smooth zinc-alloy chassis construction. 

On the body of the Airis Quaser Vaporizer is a single button that does all the functions the device has to offer. This keeps the learning curve low especially if you are new to these type of devices. 

Airis Quaser Concentrates Vaporizer Kit Review

The mouthpiece of the device is a combination of the Dab tool and the mouthpiece which is incredibly convenient to use so you never worry about hitting a quartz banger again. The Dab tool can be unscrewed and removed when you need to. You use it to pick up the right amount of material and then simply screw it back on top of the atomizer with the concentrate still attached to the Dab tool. Once the atomizer heats up, the concentrate will drip down and get vaporized without any mess. There is a polycarbonate glass tube that allows you to check up on your wax/concentrate.

Both the battery and the cartridge of the Airis Quaser Vaporizer feature industry-standard 510 threading making it easy for you to swap, replace, and supplement with a wide variety of attachments and tanks.

Rather than the traditional coils which have a material coiled in a heating element, the Qcell technology that the Airis Quaser Vaporizer utilizes is the inverse. In this case, there is a large, evenly heated surface area with an internal coil. This is made possible as a result of the fritted quartz coil.

The fritted quartz coil is a wafer-thin filter that is made of minuscule grains of fused quartz glass, allowing gas and liquids to diffuse through it. This does not just deliver even heating but also more vapor. It gives the most heating surface than any other material on the market today.


The Airis Quaser Vaporizer comes with a 280mAh inbuilt battery that is a generous amount considering the overall size of the device. The battery features a variable voltage setting that you can easily toggle through using the fire button until you find the perfect level for your concentrate. You simply click the button 3 times to toggle between 3.4 volts, 3.7volts, and 4.2 volts. There is an indicator light around the fire button that changes color according to the voltage. 

  • Green = 3.4 volts
  • Blue = 3.7 volts
  • Red = 4.2 volts

The battery of the Airis Quaser Concentrates Vaporizer charges using a micro USB charger that can power the device in a couple of minutes. When charging, the red light stays on. It turns off when the battery is fully charged. 

Airis Quaser Concentrates Vaporizer Kit Review

Using the Device

One of the major points about this device is its ease-of-use. Even as a novice vaper, you should not have any issues getting the hang of the Airis Quaser Concentrates Vaporizer. 

  1. To start with, you load your concentrate into the Qcell atomizer using the Dab mouthpiece.
  2. Turn the device on by pressing the button 5 times rapidly
  3. Press the fire button 2 times to preheat and 1 time off before adjusting your voltage
  4. Press the fire button and hold to vape.
  5. Once you are done vaping, turn the device off by pressing the button 5 times rapidly


The best part is that you do not have to break the bank to get a vaporizer like this. On, you can get the Airis Quaser Concentrate Vaporizer for just $13. As a plus, you get to choose from an array of alluring colors: Quaser-Black, Quaser-White, Quaser-Red, Quaser-Blue, and Quaser-Rainbow.

The device comes well packaged with everything so you can easily take it out and set it up. Inside the Airis Quaser Concentrates Vaporizer Kit you should see these:

  • 1 x Airis Quaser Vaporizer, complete device
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging cable